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  1. Misleading title. It should read "semen retention, after ejaculation, increases testosterone levels TEMPORARILY by X%" The studies prove the increase is not permanent. In order to attain the "spike" in testosterone again it is logical to conclude that one would need to ejalculate and then wait another 7 days.
  2. Buddha kept silent about God

    I always laugh when people claim Buddhism "originated" with Gautama. There were many Buddhas before him; and many after.
  3. Female Dan

    All things come from the same source, and return to the same source. There is no FEMALE way, or MALE way. There is just....the way. Your petty attempt to start a flame war has failed.
  4. What defines a Daoist?

    What is known as Buddhism, Taoism, etc. existed before the Indians, Chinese, etc; and it will exist (and not exist) after they have returned to it. This oaf is arguing over manifestations. Attempting to start a petty culture war; don't feed the troll.
  5. Female Dan

    There is no such thing as "male dan" and "female dan." There is only "dan." This dividing of genders must cease.
  6. What defines a Daoist?

    Female supremacy is always boring, as is male supremacy. Anyone trying to "be the boss" is by nature NOT the boss. Up is down and down is up Worship IS old. However, we are speaking of worshiping manifestations as opposed to recognizing the source. The true sage did not worship "gods and goddesses." In fact, the worship of "gods" stems from the degeneration of the One Law . .
  7. What defines a Daoist?

    Gods and goddesses are symbols, mere representations of the one truth. They are not the source. People get caught up in the many manifestations.
  8. What defines a Daoist?

    Void is the primordial, substance is the manifestation. Being stems from non-being. The Nameless flows through all things and then returns to the state of non-being. Formless and perfect.
  9. What defines a Daoist?

    1. Matriarchy again? How boring. I prefer anarchy/chaos. However, the way dictates that the "lower" is always the higher; while the "higher" is always the lower. So him being the lower half makes sense. "Everything that rises must fall." 2. Inbreeding? How nice...I suppose when you get down to it we are all brothers and sisters in some way, form, or fashion. 3. Interesting. 4. Ah, so the eight diagrams, Ba Gua, can be attributed to Fu Xi? Its funny because the masons say "the serpent is the true god." That's what they believe. Link to Wiki on Fu Xi BaGua: 5. You mean this picture? 6. Worshiping representations as gods and goddesses so base.
  10. What defines a Daoist?

    I never knew that. I just read the wiki on Fu Xi and Nuwa. Apparently they created humans from clay according to the myth; this can be found in numerous cultures, the creation from clay. And it sounds alot like Noah's Ark with the flood and all.
  11. What defines a Daoist?

    You cannot "learn" to be a "true Taoist"; The true way is emptiness. Attempt to learn it and lose it. It is said: "He who devotes himself to learning seeks from day to day to increase his knowledge; he who devotes himself to the Tao seeks from day to day to diminish his doing."
  12. Practice, lifestyle, and personal preference

    That's strange because two weeks before I joined this site; I decided to stop drinking coffee. I pretty much noticed how coffee tended to be a stimulant for people with addictive personalities. Example: When they could not afford cigarettes and alcohol; they were drinking twenty cups of coffee. Sorry to go off topic. Just thought I would bring that up.
  13. Buddha kept silent about God

    Just googled it. I can see I am going to like this website.
  14. Greetings!

    New to the forum. Hoping to have some good discussions!