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  1. Hi all, New here, and a little confused:) I've been reading literature and browsing the forum, and see conversations about the same/similar meditations and practices, but the energy is sometimes referred to as Chi/Qi, and sometimes as Jing. Now, I understand the difference between the two substances, but not sure which one we're actually working with... For instance, in the Microcosmic Orbit (Small Universe Meditation), are we circulating Chi or Jing? In Bone Breathing, are we cultivating Chi or Jing? In standing/sitting meditations where we feel warmth building up and radiating from the Dan Tien, is that Chi or Jing? Secondly, I read about transforming Jing to Chi to Shen, but recently stumbled on a reference to the reverse - transforming Shen to Chi to Jing. What are the benefits of each, and how do the practices differ? Thanks in advance:) ~M
  2. Hello

    New here, hoping to learn more about qigong & neigong - particularly advice for female practitioners. ~M