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  1. Just Be Happy

    Really good article! Ive enjoyed reading everyones ideas on happiness! Kill out your comfort for the desire for happiness! The more you ask for happiness the more you will suffer. Happy is in the here and now! It is not a desired result but a way of life! Being happy is an attitude, being happy is an art. An art we need to perfect through giving up trying to be and just being! Don't try and it will come! Happiness is in the eternal... Trees, birds, plants, animals are all happy it is only man who creates his unhappiness by thinking that he is unhappy and trying ever so hard to be happy! Thats why we suffer, stop trying so hard! Bit of trivial info here but about 4 years ago i was part of the public speaking group at school. We had to pick a topic that we wanted to talk about for a competition we were entering. We decided to pick the topic of happiness and why it is so important for everyone to feel it. Now most of the other schools chose topics such as politics, religion etc etc and to begin with when we pitched our idea we got laughed at because it was so simple. WELL in the end we actually won. Im not trying to big up the fact that we won but i think the ideas and arguments we put forward as to why it was so important for human beings to be happy really struck a cord with the panel and the audience. The energy in the room picked up and u could see that everyone could relate to the topic! EVERYONE JUST WANTS TO BE HAPPY!
  2. hay there bums!

    i guess i am now a bum too! i stumbled upon this website by accident and its fasinating, i can learn alot bumming around here! Nice to be here! HI EVERYONE x