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  1. Vajrasattva Mantra

    Thanks for you help everyone. I learned a lot from it. Thanks again.
  2. Vajrasattva Mantra

    Apologies, 864 times a day. for 8 rounds
  3. Vajrasattva Mantra

    I understand what you mean. No worries. By 8 mala rounds you mean (8 x108)= 432 times a day? Yes, I'm still in the foundations stages of my guru.
  4. Vajrasattva Mantra

    I was wondering what kind of responses have you had while chanting this mantra. I really want to reach 100,000, so I put a goal of having it completed within 2-4 months.
  5. Vajrasattva Mantra I was wondering if anyone else has experienced chanting the vajrasattva mantra. In Tibetan Buddhism, its one of the first stages of cultivation in which one purifies their negative karma.
  6. Hi

    It's also called the hundred syllable mantra. In Tibetan Buddhism, its one of the 4 preliminary practices used to purify oneself before going on to the next stage of enlightenment. It is said that after one chants the mantra 100,000 times, ones negative karma will be removed. My experience with the mantra so far, is having a dream with light appearing from the clouds shining down on all sentient beings. I was wondering about other's experiences as well.
  7. Hi, Can I have a forum in the personal practice discussion area? Thank you.
  8. Hi

    Hi all, I'm new here. I want to learn about everyone's Buddhist experiences. I was wondering if anyone has anyone had any experiences chanting the Vajrasattva mantra? I have completed 10,000 so far, and on my way to 100,000. Hope to hear from you all soon.