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  1. Daybreak GMT-7

    Valid points. Sometimes 'rigorous scientific testing' conflicts with compassionate considerations, resulting in less than scientific conditions or at least an understanding of why the Romans may have thrown Christians to the lions instead of going in themselves.
  2. Daybreak GMT-7

    Combing The Mad March Hair Thankyou for your interest; I propose that we are all scientists (paid or not) working on the mindset of reality itself, which introduces the meditation whether the unintentional goof of (minus 7) was a result of the intentional goof of Tahiti, New York and Dublin.
  3. Daybreak GMT-7

    School doesn't have a civilizing effect beyond reading and writing from a historical perspective. Scientists are hammering out our future living environments. The original purpose of the internet was to connect scientifically inclined minds from where ever they happen to be on the globe. Even as we speak somewhere on some forum scientists discuss the various merits and disadvantages of forms that make up our present or future paradigms. Everyone knows scientists are more interested in their field of study than in making a profit. (so they will go on investigating whether they are paid or not) Already a fellow in Tahiti is discussing waste recycling with a fellow in New York while someone in Dublin listens in. And the great advancements will be made this way. of course Beecher/Kline or Sunoco and other profit orientated businesses would rather the scientific discoveries be made under their own control for patent reasons; They know scientists work for peanuts. Young minds will naturally veer to their topics of interest thru the internet. Of course the status-quo pushes sex&violence as two sides of the same coin of birth&death. It may be that society needs the titilation of sex and violence to round out it's existence. one may make the argument that beyond reading&writing school is basicaly a training ground for sex and violence.
  4. How would one then go about introducing lichen to the possibility of assuming the role of Spirit? Or how would one go about convincing the Holy Ghost that it is time to move on?
  5. One might entertain a notion that tundra lichen would better serve in a capacity of child welfare oversight.
  6. The Holy Ghost/Spirit is a Walk-in from another dimension giving precedent to both other dimensions and Walk-ins. Is there an unwritten contract between mother and child? Is there an extra-dimensional oversight committee and welfare program? Are they performing their duties?
  7. A state without contractual responsibilities could be considered quite primitive and devoid of entertainments taken for granted in the modern world. It isn't for everyone. Most of us will continue on our chosen paths towards goals and destinations prescribed by our accepted moral subdivisions and religious doctrines.
  8. 1/ When fear, pain, privation + ridicule is used as coercion then dishonesty is conjunct due to it's efficacy in avoiding what we dish out. 2/ If what goes around comes around then we don't want to use fear, pain, privation + ridicule even if someone deserves it as a just dessert. (this is the element of forgiveness) Don't expect people to become open and honest, old habits die hard. 3/ "The Lake Of Fire" = Bliss as a supportive element in the matrix wherein children play e.g. firewood. 4/ Ethical conduct (Golden Rule) supersedes morals. It is vanity to think one's own morals supersedes another's. People with similar moral expectations will coalesce into sub-divisions much like Nation-States. 5/ A moral sub-division could be considered a "Haven" from the often chaotic state of pure ethics. 6/ The Freedom To Come And Go As One Chooses can be considered to be a state free of alliances. Marriage is a contractual alliance into a state of moral sub-division. 7/ Dreams and portents could be subliminal arguments to the ego, probably best disregarded. 8/ 'Entertainment' is the meaning of life. 9/ If you haven't done it to another it can't be done to you (blow by blow) 10/ We don't have to think about things we find disturbing. 11/ We are involved in the maintenance and expansion of a recreational envelope. 12/ Extra-dimensional Walk-ins often use this environment as recreation.
  9. Cancer The Shocking Truth

    Beef fat contains hormones that can trigger a healing response when applied to precancerous growths. There isn't any studies on this as far as I know. I'd say that the beef fat (hamburger grease) shouldn't be left on for more than a few hours and that the effects of one application are noticeable in 6-8 weeks.
  10. Rules

    Hi, I was redirected here from attempting a post in another forum. See ya.