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  1. Teachers in Australia?

    Hey, I met a quiet bloke at work several years ago who seemed to be cluey with martial arts. I would frequently challenge his opinion on this or that martial art given that I was pretty good myself, having taken Taekwondo for a year when I was 13, and having seen American Ninja one through to five in the late eighties and early ninties. I thought he had the same background as me. It was enjoyable sharing and challenging his ideas. Then he started revealing techniques and ideas about combat that totally blew me away. WTF? Who the hell was this guy? Where'd he pull moves like that from? It turned out he was a Kung Fu Sifu with 25+ years of experience. Nobody at work knew. Brings a smile to my face everytime I think back. Yeah, his name was Garry Hearfield.
  2. Need to alter username...

    Hi, The capitalisation and spacing in my name is wrong. It should be "Salty Cup" not "saltycup". I can't see where to fix this in the settings. Thanks, Salty