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  1. New guy I supposedly thinking

    Hello persons of taoness!!! Aparently right when i click post i will be the newest member on this site! .... or was it when i registered.... nevertheless im very excited to start talking to you bums about distant topics only the geniun become comfortable with. I have many questions.... maybe some answers... and alot of allegorical non-sensical dubly mediphorical explanations about why i think things are. But it all amounts to one basic thing... ""the now""and thats really what the tao to me is.... being.... in ones self...... at all times. this and only this will free you from "that thing that people want to be freed from" lol in your own words fill in that last quotation from the author. "tao" is a term created for the fact that no ambiguous sound (word) can amout to the fullest ,yet quintasintial, meaning of what the idea of tao really is. words my friend are very funny indeed. read whorf. anyways im digressing. My purpose on this site is to ask questions about stuff...... please my brothers of affermed faith... answer me in sincerity and disregard my bad spelling and seemingly simple questions on or off topics. For me is me and u are me and anything else is what i see