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  1. What are you listening to?

    I have been listening to Elvis most of the day : Amazing grace A little less conversation All shook up Stuck on you The devil in disguise The impossible dream
  2. the observer and the observed

    Hi Jetsun, "Some teachers teach to separate life further so you create a witness or observer consciousness, I have questioned this myself for some time and my conclusions are that some of them don't know what they are really doing and the others create the observer as a tool in order for you to create some distance from your conditioning and personality structures in order that you can gain some freedom from them and see that the don't define you. But at some point that witness or observer has to be let go of too in order for you to see reality directly." "To say that teachers teach to separate life further so you create a witness" The witness is an important step in our evolution and it is absolutely real, it is the individualization of Consciousness within every human being, it is not present from the beginning as some say it is a function of our evolution towards wholeness. As Nisargadatta said " The witness is the touch of the real within the unreal". It is not created as a tool, it is 100% real, it is a shift in identity, it enables you to go beyond the mind, the no-mind, but includes the mind and the ego. Abiding as a witness you actually become the witness from what i experience the witness or observer is actually the wrong word as it implies that this witness witnesses something, but in truth the witness just is, it can obviously choose to use the faculty of observing when need arise but it itself does not observe anything, it is perfectly self contained identity, which is you. As the witness becomes fully who you are it surrenders into Consciousness which is the background of all the manifested creation. It merges with consciousness but still retain its individuality. Consciousness needs the witness ( you ) to be "born" so to speak. Most teachers do say that the witness has to be let go of at some stage, but again i disagree, you are the witness, which means you are the individualization of Consciousness , so yes at a certain stage you let go into consciousness and then into what some call the Absolute/Emptiness which is the container of Consciousness and of manifestation, but you remain, otherwise who realizes the Absolute, who says "there is only Emptiness" or " " There is only Consciousness" ( which by the way is not true) there must logically be someone there in the Absolute/Emptiness to say this, and it cannot be the Absolute as the Absolute just is, it is not cognizant of itself or of anything. I would like to point out that these things i share with are just my own understanding that i have received through my teacher, i am still growing in experience and my intelligence too. I am only at the beginning.
  3. the observer and the observed

    To Jetsun, Those who point to the fact that when a child is born he is one with everything is true, but he is unconsciously one with everything, the purpose of evolution is for this child to grow and evolve, first he has to create an identity ( ego image) he becomes self conscious, then his intelligence grows together with the ego to learn how to live in the world, that is in relation to other. This separation you speak of is a natural evolution of human consciousness that should lead to full conscious awareness of who you truly are, then we can speak of conscious awareness of oneness with everything. The state of consciousness of a child is sometimes wrongly viewed as perfect and as something to get back to, but i would disagree Life evolves continuously and so should human consciousness.
  4. Hello

    Hi, Basher Well, basically, i have been a "seeker" for more than 20 years, a few years back i came across the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Nisargadatta followed by Anadi, my main task has been to dind what is called the Witness/the I am, it has taken me a long long time but recently i have found it, it is simple mySelf without and any objects, just my own presence, although it sounds easy it is actually very hard to keep remembering mySelf, but anyway that is where my practice is. Returning over and over to my presence.
  5. Hello

    Hello, i am new here, i have come a few times just reading different posts. I am particularly interested in the teachings of Anadi Kristof, Nisargadatta and Ramana.