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  1. He should look at these docus from among others : healing cancer from inside out & eating & dying to have known (about the gerson therapy), the key to all this is changing your diet, ie no animal products etc. The chemo is just going to kill him even sooner...
  2. Jesus a fictional character?

    There are recordings from physical seances ( and from david thompson) where the spirit communicators confirm that jesus really existed and that he was not the son of god but just a very spiritually developped person who had the powers of foresight and healing the sick. Now he resides in the highest level of the spirit world where the buddha also went to after his death.
  3. You should look into spiritualism, i.e. communications from dead people who come back during seances with physical mediums and actually physically materialize. Some good sites are . There are many audio recordings pictures and testimonials by credible people to be found to show that this stuff is real. Now, the communicators from spirit explicitly state that there is such a thing as reincarnation (e.g. montcabirol recordings) and also cause and effect or karma or "every wrong has to be put right". Interestingly they also mention some people on the physical plane like us being able to dematerialize and teleport themselves, like it is written in the yoga sutras... Hope this helps...
  4. Okay, thanks everyone .
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm wondering whether it is or could be possible to achieve shamatha as it is defined by Alan Wallace by doing a considerable amount or even mostly walking meditation. The latter i have done by eihter keeping my awareness in my feet and then mentally saying right left when the respective foot hits the ground or by keeping the focus on the breath while walking and counting the breaths. Ajahn Brahm mentions walking meditation in his main book but said that deeper jhanic states could not be accessed in this way. He also wrote however that one could achieve enlightenment in this manner though. Sincerely, M
  6. how to develop visualization ?

    Okay, thanks a lot T I. I'm also working with gazing now, this seems to work much better at stilling the mind than e.g. Breath meditation. IT is also what they seem to use in raja yoga and dzogchen ( Norbu N).
  7. how to develop visualization ?

    Hi Tibetan Ice, Do you know by experience or by other's experiences that 4 hours of practice a day could be enough to achieve samatha? I recal reading in one of Alan Wallace's books that it required a full time commitment, probably like 8 or 10 hours a day, and that only very fee people achieved shamatha... Thanks, M
  8. I meant States such as henosis, and was just asking because I didn't know if these were aimed for in atr, thanks.
  9. I have no experience with atrs. Was just curious. The things I mentioned are supposedly the most important things to aim for according to genuine teachers I've seen. So if thesel were not to exist in the atrs then it would not be a good sign.
  10. Can the ATRs be used to attain States like henosis or nirbija samadhi?
  11. Karma and Magic

    Jason Miller writes in one of his books or lessons that your actions do not generate karma if your consciousness is raised to the level of the causal, i.e. if you are in a state of non dual awareness, when you perform them. This is based on buddhist theory, but whether it is really so I'm not sure as there are several things in buddhism that are completely at odds with information given through some of the best physical mediums.
  12. Hello Everyone

    I'm from western Europe and have been practicing meditation and some yogic techniques for about 1.5years. The meditation has had a big positive effect on my Life, solving quote a few problems I had.