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  1. Favourite Buddhist Books

    Brad Warner's books, mainly Hardcore Zen and Sit Down and Shut Up. I like Brad's down to earth, no-bullshit style of explaining Zen Buddhism. It's a simple way, but one that works. Brad and his writing has it's flaws, but this practice and philosophy has been of the greatest importance for me.
  2. Hi everybody!

    Hey yall, I'm new! I'm Finnish, so that's my excuse for crappy writing. I'm also lazy. I have teeny tiny bit of experience in a few things: Taekwondo - Practiced for about one and a half years, so that's my martial arts experience. Spring Forest Qigong - Well, I've done it for just a few times, but I'm still considering whether to continue this or go with a different practice. Zazen, shikantaza - I love it, Zen is a great practice and philosophy. Weed, mushrooms and iboga. Not very Tao, but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I guess I've tried some other stuff, but not consistently enough to mention them. The thing is, I haven't found one practice that has stuck, but I feel that I'm on the path. Whatever that means. I'm seeking for something that will stick that'll help me with my life. At least I'm still young, 19 years. I've been reading and analyzing way too much, and doing too little. Right now I'm experimenting with Christopher S. Hyatt's meditations. If I don't feel like it's the right thing for me, I'll probably go back to SFQ and zazen. I've been reading this forum for some months now, and I've learned a lot from you guys. So I thought I'd join, hoping that maybe I could become a part of this community!