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  1. If you've never seen it's properties, you cannot know it not exist.... Gospel is just human creation after experiencing some of the properties... not necessarily good or bad... that's why TAO can never be told or said... etc.
  2. And don't get me wrong... Im not talking psychologically... I know spirits are real...
  3. Evil is only in the human mind. If there is a spirit, it is created by the deep trust inside the unconscious of the person itself. By inviting it, and talking to it, you can find out what it wants... and help it, or send it away in a peaceful manner. Hope this helps. Don't fear it, it might be created from fear in the first place.
  4. The static is a fantastic world though... I think this is misunderstood. To me feels like the place where all emotions and questions etc are answered at once, leaving us in a continuous HIGH of extasy and love... while being in a "coma"
  5. We are a very ingenious system... the more we separate from the physical world, the more psychic abilities we get. the more power the less need to manifest in the physical. Once we release the body, while being alive, we find the static in a conscious manner. this would then mean you will not be in a coma... or just static energy when you go... in any way, your energy will be preserved, be it "alive" or "dead" (dynamic or static) and over time, because of movement of dynamic, static will be called upon to return to a dynamic synergy. (you will have another life)
  6. why do islam terrorist hate americans

    I can answer this question. One day, the earth became inhabited with species. There was diversity, and soon cultural and religious diversity. some areas of the earth "developed" in a technical sense, and others didn't due to lack of resources and too much sun. When two people from the different areas meet eachother, they laughed in eachothers face, and recognised they were same but different. at first a very positive experience, until both people became envious and jalous. Then there was barbed wire... to make a clear border between the cultures. of course, everyone wants to cross the border out of curiousity... so that happened, and when One of the people slept with the others peoples wifes... is when the shit hit the fan... A normal conclusion would be to say: ok... Let's blame the women... but.. in fact the real conclusion is that when you create a group, you automatically create two groups... one of members and one of none members... this is the duality of life... Yin and Yang, black and white, day and Night... so if a group is created from negativity... like to separate and label people (like hitler did) it will not have beautiful effects... while when a group is created from positivity, like a group of musicians or whatever, it will bring a more positive outcome...
  7. hi new person

    Tao te ching
  8. How many people experience god?

    Everyone experience.... Not everyone notice