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  1. Questions for the scientists in our midst

    Which scientific concepts aren't human based? And emotional? To understand the sound of a drum you have to understand both drum and drummer. In understanding the universe, don't imagine that you're detecting the pure sound of the drum with concepts like time, space, energy, light, heat, etc.
  2. Some awesome tendon stuff for Bagua, qigong and etc.

    I have very little - just a bit of Yang Tai Chi. I've about 2 years of qigong training aside from that.
  3. Some awesome tendon stuff for Bagua, qigong and etc.

    Okay y'all, a few questions! There will be more 1. What would be a good way to practice all the material Andrew presents over a two hour session? ie, in which order should I practice the martial aspects of the art (standing strengthening, circle turning, strikes, etc) and the alchemical/medical (healing sounds, gathering & developing qi sensitivity, seated meditations, shaking, patting)? 2. I read that in general, a practitioner chooses an animal that suits him/her and sticks to it, with Lion being a good introductory choice for all. Having watched a few different animal system videos, I'd like to practice several standing strengthening postures from different animals (they're just too awesome!). Is this not a good idea? 3. In Andrew's presentation of the 'Lion Opens Its Mouth' and 'Lion Holds the Ball', the latter seems to be an inactive version of the former where only qi sensitivity and visualization are trained. At one point he switches between the two exercises quickly. If I want to practice these different exercises, what would be a good plan? A few minutes of each, trained on each side, or switching between the two? I appreciate anyone's help.
  4. Some awesome tendon stuff for Bagua, qigong and etc.

    Andrew Nugent-Head goes into a lot of depth in these lectures, I'm very impressed and grateful. I'm beginning to learn the Lion System and the Gathering & Developing Qi Sensitivity practices. Does anyone here practice Yin style Bagua who can answer basic questions on the practices? It would be nice if the traditionalstudies website had a forum, maybe they'll get to that in the future.
  5. I'm ordering GOT1 tonight. I was really hoping someone would take you up on that offer Ya Mu; I'd be on it in a second if I had the means to get to MO. It's nice to know I'll be learning from a generous and dedicated teacher. Looking forward to feeling the Qi for myself!
  6. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    I would love to come to a workshop, but unfortunately it isn't within my budget this year. Next year it will be one of my priorities. Do you plan to offer any more distance learning workshops in the future, as you did in Jan/Feb? Thanks
  7. Chinese Taoist Medicine & Stillness-Movement Medical Qigong

    Ya Mu, I have been dreaming about Stillness Movement Qigong, even though I never gave it much thought before. Upon awakening from a dream and having this on my mind, I decided I should go ahead and try it out, even though I already have a lot on my plate. Do you have any recommendations or guidelines for internal martial arts practitioners who want to practice Gift of the Tao? Like, is it good to keep practices separate, or is it okay to do the exercises before/after Xing Yi/Bagua/Tai Chi practice? Thanks
  8. Which internal art should I practice

    Very interesting... could you elaborate on the internal aspects of WC (or Chu Shong Tin's lineage)? Or post a link? Thanks
  9. Which internal art should I practice

    Find a good teacher, and learn what he/she has to teach you. This is if you're interested in learning and not just saying 'I practice such-and-such'. If you're interested in an art that's unavailable in your area, or taught by a sub-par teacher, you can always learn it later, or practice on your own.
  10. Bill Nye on Astrology (expert opinions needed)

    Very helpful indeed. I have been following your other posts and I would call your observations mind-expanding. I may be somewhere on my journey where I could easily overlook many deep things in Hellenism and Confucianism as you once did (Dao de Jing in one hand, indeed ) . What a pleasant surprise to once again find a world of meaning in the seemingly ordinary and mundane. I'll check out Sepharial for sure.
  11. why is there evil and suffering?

    Because there's good and pleasure. What goes up must come down.
  12. Tibetan Tai Chi

    What do y'all make of this?
  13. Bill Nye on Astrology (expert opinions needed)

    No problem, thank you for your sharing thus far. Can you recommend any books or resources where I might find a deeper treatment of numerology than what one typically finds on new age book shelves?
  14. Bill Nye on Astrology (expert opinions needed)

    bump looking forward to your answer, sir!
  15. Bak Fu Pai's Sunn Yee Gong-Q&A

    On your site it says that you only consider orders from WBBM members/VIPs... can anyone order now? Garry I sent you a pm about this, not sure if you got it.