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  1. Starting on Qigong...But Where?

    Funny you should bring up too much information, seeing as I now have way more material to go through than I can possibly use in the short term. I mentioned I was looking into Qigong to a few friends and ended up getting a ton of DVDs for my birthday. I got this: a friend is letting me borrow Mantak Chia's 58 DVD set and says it's only an intro the Winn stuff?!?!? (she...likes to justify every penny she spends and may not be reliable on that) plus the first two Terry Dunn FP discs. I started going through the second FP disc and got quite a surprise. Half lotus is harder on my legs than I thought. Are there any recommendations for stretches to strengthen it? It's fine for the first 15 minutes, but after that my knees don't want to stay put. Even more than that, I found the muscles right around my spine in the middle of my back revolt after being straight up in half lotus after 15-20 minutes. It forces me to lie down for a minute so they can calm down. Any recommendations for strengthening that area of the body?
  2. Starting on Qigong...But Where?

    Thanks for the input, all is appreciated. Hadn't considered Zhan zhuang at all, definitely going to look into it more. I considered Taiji as well, and may look into it or some form of martial Qigong down the line. My intuition tells me that isn't what I need right now. I had Spring Forest on my list of maybes after reading about it here, but that was before their website drove me away. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult just to find the CD/DVD courses for each level. Their store would lead you to believe that the only thing they offer are short books for levels 1 and 3, with level 2 being the only thing that gets a DVD. Yet reading about them on the net there is at the very least CD courses for all of them and a DVD for level 1. I definitely need more than a book right now. If I could find what I would need to buy on their site, I would give it more consideration. I could probably find an instructor, paying for it and being able to commit to times when classes are held are different issues. My work schedule bounces around a lot and as a result much of my training gets done after 10pm. My kendo is completely from videos, the first DVD from Inoue Hidekatsu covered everything I wanted to learn. My interest there is internal, not in competition. There is definitely something that happens there with the number 1000, the last one brings a feeling over the body that is very different from the first 999, and I do that for me. My interest in Qigong is for similar purposes. George, you mentioned that you've done a lot of Mantak Chia's stuff. I'm assuming that's the 58 DVD set he sells? How is the instruction in that? I had some of his old stuff yeeeeeeears ago and found it practically unusuable. Between his accent, bad audio and slower than turtle's pace of teaching it crossed the line between patience and exercise in futility.
  3. I want to add some form of medical Qigong to my daily routine, and would appreciate some input from you guys on where to start. I've done a good amount of research and reading online and narrowed it down to three. If somebody could give me advice on which one to start with and WHY it would be appreciated. I stress why because I have found people saying the first two are anywhere from good to amazing, but no reason behind it. My goals are long term health, feeling more energized my daily life and having the extra chi assisting in my occult studies. I'm new to Qigong, but not new to martial training. I wrestled for years, currently do yoga everyday and working my way through doing 1000 men suburi for 1000 days on the kendo path to enlightenment if that makes any difference. I thought the CG added into the discs from was a novel idea and strongly considered getting those before reading up on them here. I feel like I dodged a bullet on that one. Anyway, I narrowed it down to these: If anyone recommends this, I'd really like to know why. I've found a few people online raving about it when Googling it, then saw the first few minutes of the iron penis DVD on Youtube and was less than impressed. Taking advantage of the synergistic relationship between sexuality and health greatly appeals to me though. I would just like to know why 3 DVDs and a couple trinkets are worth 400 bucks because no one who says they are great addresses why. I'm completely willing to save up for it if it's worth it. Specifically, just about everything that comes after the Fusion set. Seriously. I wish I were exaggerating, it all sounds great and then some. Does anyone here use the higher level material? Something that is different and I don't know what to make of it is how much of it comes on audio CD. I'm used to learning by watching. Searching the forum I've seen people here recommend his stuff. Is anything lost with audio only, or is it all internal so there is nothing to see? Seeing as I'm interested in so much of his advanced stuff, should I just start here? The other two don't seem to overlap much with the Fundamentals and Fusion material so I'd have to start over from the beginning with these anyway. Also considering the Flying Phoenix discs, completely because of the 90+ page thread here. Still have about 70 more pages to read there but I've been extremely impressed with Sifu Terry thus far. Thoughts? Suggestions? Something else seem like a better idea? Thank you in advance for any and all advice.
  4. Long Time Newbie On His Way

    I've had Taoism on my radar for a little over a decade, but never really went all the way with it. It's probably accurate to say I've been a Taoist for a long time and didn't fully realize it myself. I recently started on the kendo path to enlightenment (1000 men suburi for 1000 days) but haven't quite gotten to the starting line yet. I've been adding 50 strikes per day so my arms don't revolt on me and say no the next day. The only thing that fits under my ceiling is a near 4 pound monster of a sword, and if you don't think that sounds like a lot, well, you can say that after doing 1000 strikes with it properly. lol More specifically I found this site by accident. I recently added yoga to my routine (if you can call it that, it's DDPYoga) and have started incorporating qigong. I found some posts on here discussing Qigong discs I've been thinking about buying and doing a lot of reading. After I get through that monster Flying Phoenix Chi Kung thread I'll have either made up my mind or be imposing for some advise.