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  1. What do you think happens after we die? IS there heaven and hell? I read in some book sages could move out of their bodies and experience another dimension.Is this true? DO they go to the afterlife and come back?
  2. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    Thanks to the both of you.
  3. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    I see.Thank you.How long did it take you to make noticeable progress with this book?
  4. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    I understand it is written by the founder of the zhineng qi gong and therefore should have most of the principles.Did that book help you with your practice ie get you to feel the energy and make good progress?
  5. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    Is this a good book?
  6. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    SO i should focus on feeling the energy.And if what i am doing is correct i should see results fairly quickly?
  7. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    zhineng qigong - Is this what i should do first? IF MCO takes so much time, can i start iron shirt now in parallel? I understand there is no fixed path.But everyone seems to say feel the energy first...which ways can i use to do this? I will give Chia's inner smile and 6 sounds a shot..but is there a more sure way?
  8. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    Thank you all for the wisdom you have doled out.I will look at his inner smile and 6 sounds book. What do you mean the before and after x rays? Did your bones thicken? Can bone marrow practice be done with calisthenics rather than weights? I am small boned.Can i increase the size and strength of my skeletal structure by BM practice?
  9. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    I see....from what i have read till now, Chia keeps repeating his warnings about what not to do.He also says open the 2 main channels then the other important ones and circulate it then always bring it down etc...i'll finish the book and will have an idea what to do next.
  10. HI and my goals.

    Thanks for all the help. Started this -
  11. I intend to cultivate energy and understand opening the microcosmic orbit is the first step.I do not have access to a qualified teacher and will have to do with books and this forum.I have already been good advice on what to do here. I have some of Mantak Chia's books.I am interested in his " Iron Shirt " and " Bone Marrow " nei kung techniques.What is your opinion on them? His " Awakening the Healing Energy Through the Tao " is the book i have which deals with opening the MCO.Is it a good guide? I have heard talk of his books being a little incomplete to his teachings being dangerous.Is this true? What books best show how to properly and safely open the MCO and get the energy circulating? I know having personal instruction is best but i have no access to it unfortunately. I want to first open the MCO and then practice his cultivation of sexual energy, Iron shirt and bone marrow stuff.Is this the correct course or is there something better i should invest time in? He sure does have a lot of books out. Also are there better instructors than he? Here is what i have so far Thanks
  12. HI and my goals.

    Thanks for the advice,I will go through the book and also start a thread. I did glance through the book and Chia repeatedly warns against keeping the power in the head etc, along with various symptoms like toothaches and whatnot, which leads me to believe if his instructions are followed there should be little trouble.
  13. HI and my goals.

    I have a kegel routine sorted out.So i start by feeling the energy, then clear my channels and onto iron shirt and other techniques? I know an accomplished MMO guy who does it by kegel flexes. How long do you think it takes to open up the orbit and get it circulating? I should start with Chia's " Awakening the Healing Tao " then?
  14. HI and my goals.

    A teacher need not be physically present to communicate just as effectively. Good thing there are forums like this one where folks can come and get good advice. My thoughts exactly..... So i should start with opening the microcosmic orbit then?
  15. HI and my goals.

    And how did you achieve this?