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  1. Former AYPer, with questions about Samatha practice

    PS. Lying on the floor with your legs up on the couch and your knees and hips at 90 degrees is a comfortable resting position for a sore back. You will be in the same position as if you were sitting on a chair, except facing the ceiling. It will put the spine in a neutral position where it can relax a little :-)
  2. Former AYPer, with questions about Samatha practice

    Hey Christian. In my experience, Kundalini is overrated. I think Mantak Chia stated that he didn't like it because it was all fire and not a balance of the elements. Too intense. That was my experience of it as well. I'm sure there are people who have integrated this energy usefully and purposefully into their lives, but don't be seduced by tales of power and legend. I can certainly relate to having fantasies surrounding this and a feeling that I will miss the boat and the opportunity it provides to spiritual expansion, but common sense tells me this is akin to a tree, and that slow growth is strong growth. Fast tracks and promises of quick results are fraught with instability. Personally, I would love to have my pre-kundalini life back. It was simpler and more satisfying. I have also watched people on a slower path progress further than I due to me getting stuck and wrestling with my own experiences. That's my 2c anyway. Other members may have more encouraging takes on it. All the best.
  3. Feminist thread

    Everything's got its pros and its cons. Thanks to feminism breaking down gender stereotypes, I was able to catch my child in my own hands when she was being born, and play an active participatory role in her upbringing. Previously, that was all women's business. As a child though, I wished my Mum was at home as I was growing up, rather than at work. Very generally speaking, IMO feminism has almost come full circle now as thankfully, women have access to most opportunities men do in developed countries. Having achieved that, women are now re-embracing the 1940's housewife role as a choice in life rather than an expectation. Many cultural issues of social justice and equality remain, but feminism isn't just about outraged, repressed and outspoken women. Nobody likes being brow beaten (re: 1st post). It's about equal opportunity. There had to be a shake up for that to happen. Check out some history on ground breaking wins to appreciate how it has shaped modern society. Here is a bit of info on more modern feminist issues worldwide for some perspective
  4. Tao Bums Friends List

    Patience, I've already learnt patience, now what are you hinting at
  5. Han-shot-first controversy

    Well, we are adults hyping up kids stuff after all, right?
  6. Han-shot-first controversy

    Whaaaat? Looks like Disney is laming up the dark side already. Try this for a tournament, Vader.......
  7. teknix would be interested in your pyrokinesis abilities! I am interested to know the theory behind how these work, and how you put one together. I imagine they have subliminal messages behind the music in a shopping centre saying "spend more & SAVE!". I have used a few binaural programs for productivity, and feel I am quite recpetive to this, but after watching a few minutes of the aerokinesis, I felt light, sure, but in the next conversation I had while feeling this, all I wanted to do was make animal noises. Are you hypnotising me into thinking I am a bird?
  8. Han-shot-first controversy

    Try these on Youtube...... I have replaced the previous links above with this one also.
  9. Okay. I'd really like to start living again. :(

    Someone had to say it. Thanks Mandrake. There are otherwise some heartfelt & thoughtful responses on here. WillingToListen, if I could have my time over again with K, I would do it differently. I didn't have any access to support, but now, I would choose the 2 simple exercises recommended by the KSN to smoothen the ride, being the MCO & the Secret Smile. Why? Because the KSN exist for situations like you are in now, like I was in then. I would tend to trust them. Songstan's posts have also struck a chord with me in that hindsight (bless it) showed me that half of my obstacles were self generated through my own uncertainty & panic. I wish I had enough insight at the time to seek the centre of the cyclone and sit there in relative safety. Again dude, I admire you for toughing this out. I stand here, like others to say that you are not alone, and that people do make it through to the other side of this.
  10. Han-shot-first controversy

    I know this thread is about Han, but to expand upon Star Wars characters of ill repute, I want to draw a little attention to the character of R2-D2. There is more than meets the eye. Beneath you will find a very revealing 3 part documentary on the life & times of R2-D2, containing interviews from George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, the main actors in the Star Wars Trilogies, detailing their relationship with R2-D2 on and off screen, and his career aspirations starting off attempting to land acting roles in Shakespeare & on Broadway, his celebrity with the rise of Star Wars, and letting success go to his head, battling alcohol, womanising, and many other personal issues. Riveting stuff.
  11. ...

    Is this what you meant by gay or something similar?
  12. Han-shot-first controversy

    Awwww, pooch! You know, I have to credit Star Wars with planting the first seeds of the 'something exists that is bigger than us' aspect of spirituality into my youth, demonstrating that there is an underlying living interactive matrix behind the threads of all creation. But back to the topic at Han, I mean topic at hand. The whole lead up to the Mos Eisely scene was to introduce Han Solo's character in such a way as to draw attention to his dubious, swindling and self serving nature. Obi Wan stated famously "Mos Eisely, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious". There was no indication of Han having anything other than the shallow character that he had presented, including shooting Greedo first, and taking off with his reward from the Rebel Base on Yavin leaving Luke, Leia, and the rebels quite possibly to their ominous doomed fate in the final hours of their make or break dilemma against the Empire. He was purposefully shown to have absolutely no moral fibre right up until the final moments of the movie when he saves the day by clearing Luke's run to the exhaust vent where he is able to blow up the Death Star. Han is dodgy as hell. Han's story is about showing a man who believes in nothing coming around to believe in something. Redemption of character. Belief in hope. It is important that he shoots first. Full stop. Watch the lead up here: And the incident here:
  13. Han-shot-first controversy

    Han's character isn't that disreputable. Look, he has a great sense of caring & hospitality.
  14. Finding the inner man

    Again, I have written a thesis to have it disappear at the stroke of a button.......... I have to say, I side with Cat & K on this issue of masculinity, and funnily enough, they are both female. The silverback didn't have an issue with masculinity. He won his position by sheer brute force. All the other males within his community however never even got to express their genetic or sexual/gender potential as a result of his alpha dominance. We are humans, and not apes my friend. Please, always remind yourself of that. In my experience, your inner man will reveal himself to you as trust is gained that he will not be judged or rejected by society, or yourself. If you would give him your personal acceptance without judgement or unrealistic expectation, I imagine you will come to know yourself, and him more. How to expand upon the options available for males other than just the alpha/hero/warrior type? Check out your other options. Google them. The poet, the bard, the jester? Where would society be with only sporting heroes, yet no-one to make you laugh, dance, cry or sing? Don't stop there, Google archetypes, Google masculine archetypes. There are so many options. If Mikhail Baryshnikov is your archetype of masculine aesthetic, chase it up. If it is Rumi, grab a pen and explore how your soul longs for union with the divine. Become who you are (a Nietzsche quote). A few words on porn. Unrealistic representations are being made here upon BOTH genders. If you want to become sexually confident & competent, by all means, chase your interest up with training in Tantra or something else that validates us humans as both sexual and spiritual beings without it being a conflict of interest. Just don't (as an 18 year old male) be fooled into thinking that sexual prowess & performance will bring you more rewards than: 1) showing a continued personal interest in a potential partner's interests, character & wellbeing, or that 2) realising simply smiling, & (the reasons behind) cuddles on the couch, and a continued interest in catering for the 'small details' will get you further in life than trying to match some unrealistic gender based sexual archetype, whether it is expected of yourself, or from her. Find yourself, then let that other person find you. Please apply a grain of salt if I am rambling & this does not apply to you. I wish you well in you r quest.
  15. This world feels like its off-balance

    The world IS off balance. Distribution of wealth, access to resources, services & privileges, quality of life. Obvious within your own city, blatantly obvious across countries & continents. I saw this yesterday and am still speechless, check it out I have no idea about what your family's circumstances are or what it may be like to lose a home in your country etc, but it sounds like you are going to need a lot of pragmatic and practical assistance. Gather your resources, what accommodation agencies may assist you and your family, are there any city farms/community gardens in your area in which you could work to gain and/or grow nutritious food for you and your family? Perhaps someone from your area or close by on TTB may be able to help you out here.