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  1. It's been months since I wrote my last post on this forum. I wasn't going to post again but seeing how this thread was ended negatively, I thought I'd write another positive post to show people that lifelong chastity is certainly possible if one is determined. I have now exceeded my past record and am at 226 days of chastity, mentally and physically - this doesn't mean that I didn't have sexual urges in that time, it means that I did my best to get rid of them as soon as they arose to avoid getting aroused. I haven't engaged in any sort of physical sexual activity for about a year and 2 months - over 420 days - but real celibacy is mental celibacy so it's the former number which is important. Despite exceeding my previous celibate record, I still haven't reached the level that I reached previously, but I'm getting there. There's some sort of blockage in my belly which was caused by my mental indulgence. You see, with celibacy something was being gathered in my body, particularly my chest area (possibly upper dantien) and was giving me happiness and strength. After indulging mentally in sexual desire, that something started to become heavier and descend to my belly and genital area (possibly lower dantien) and it has been very difficult to get it back up again, but as I said, I'm getting there. Slowly I'm regaining the composure, strength and joy which I had lost. To all people who are trying this, don't give up. Develop dispassion, disassociate with the body and brahmacharya will be easy to observe. A simple way to disassociate with the body is to constantly turn your attention to the "I thought" (look up Ramana Maharshi and self-inquiry).
  2. It's been a while since I posted on this forum and this may be my last post here. I will state my reasons for this later in this post. Let me start by saying that along with the good news today I have also some bad news to share. The good news is that I am still abstaining from sexual activity and today is day 197. Also, I haven't had a wet dream in more than 42 days which is a record for me. Now for the bad news: This experiment was a complete success for me and needless to say, I was becoming more and more joyful with my progress. Unfortunately, little by little this quick progress was making me more lax. I simply was not as diligent as I was in my earlier days. It's not surprising... a person who's in a bad situation will work hard to get out of it, but a person who has everything and is comfortable will find it difficult to work hard. That's what happened to me. One day a thought came up that I should visit a pornographic website that I used to visit before my practice. Sex had become much less appealing to me but the curiosity was still there. Earlier (when I wasn't as successful) I would have simply ignored this but my success made me feel very comfortable with myself and I thought "a little look won't have that much effect on me". So I did. I went to this website and I got aroused. Initially I wanted to spend little time on it but once you give into your inner lust you will find it very difficult to stop, so I ended up looking at this material for quite a long time before I stopped. I didn't masturbate or do anything physically but mentally I did, so technically speaking I have failed in brahmacharya. I lost quite a bit of energy but the main problem was that I had awakened an old part in me that wanted to do it again. I did it again on a few more days, the last time being on last Sunday. The day after I woke up feeling very bad. I can't describe the state exactly but it was a bad one which was very irritating especially when compared to the pleasant blissful states that I was experiencing previously. Now, today I feel much better than yesterday but not as good as I used to feel previously. I have lost the blissful warmth (on the contrary I feel cold now) that I was developing and I simply don't feel as good as I felt before. I won't go in detail but even though I have retained some of the things I gained such as better eyesight, all in all, I have devolved. I hope you learn a lesson from this story as I did. You must abstain mentally if you truly want to experience the benefits. Do this by mantaining equinimity at all times and not succumbing to lustful thoughts. I also understand now why some advanced practioners fall back into worldliness after reaching high levels. They become more comfortable and lose the diligence which they had previously. Always be vigilant in your practice! And that's that. The reason I said in the beginning that this may be my last post is not because I have something against this forum but because I plan on reducing the time I spend on my computer (and maybe even quit) and focus more on my practice. And let's face it... using a computer, no matter what for is not a very healthy thing to do. Even if you want to live a wordly life it's much better to spend your life normally in nature than staring at some electronic box. I wish you all the best.
  3. People tend to ignore advice that they don't like no matter how correct it is. You see it on this forum all the time. What traditional religions advocate is total dispassion. Now, naturally not all people are ready for this, which is why we should be careful how and where to preach. For instance I wouldn't advocate dispassion to random people on a pop culture forum, but this is a religious forum which focuses mainly on Taoism. The first verse of the Tao Teh Ching, the most important Taoist text says: "The Tao that can be spoken of is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The name is the mother of the ten thousand things. Send your desires away and you will see the mystery. Be filled with desire and you will see only the manifestation. As these two come forth they differ in name. Yet at their source they are the same. This source is called a mystery" And there are other verses which speak against desires, including the one in my signature.
  4. What you say may be true, but you should focus on yourself rather than women. If you constantly think about avoiding them you might develop hatred for them which will only make it worse. Lust and hatred are partners and you can't completely defeat one without defeating the other. Remember that the problem comes from within not from outside. Once you master yourself it won't make a difference even if you were to be surrounded by several scantily clad prostitutes. Aim for that state.
  5. Scientists look outside of themselves for answers rather than within. That's the mistake.
  6. Important threads which I think everyone should read: => =>
  7. As I said in another thread, sexual abstinence should bring out the latent ailments and heal them so initially you might feel worse by retaining. Myself, I felt ill twice in the beginning. However if you abstain properly (both physically and mentally), then it shouldn't take long for you to start experiencing the benefits. 2 weeks of abstinence is way too little to experience anything special. You should at least abstain for 6 weeks or 8. Remember though that you must abstain mentally as well. Do not entertain sexual thoughts. When they rise, ignore them and they will eventually fade away. In time you will realize the futility of entertaining such thoughts. It's better to experience the bad symptoms now and heal them rather than suffer from them later on in life.
  8. Day 171. It gets better and better... A few days ago I started feeling a pleasant sensation in my legs and sometimes I feel as if they're being bathed. Yesterday the pleasure in my legs increased a lot and for a moment it felt like I was going to have an orgasm from my legs. I read about this in a book and from what I understand it is a very good sign. Also, my legs were very stiff but now they are becoming much more flexible. They were so stiff that I couldn't even do the half lotus posture. I stil can't do it now either but I'm very close. My legs have definitely become more flexible. Overall I feel as if my legs are being energized and I no longer feel the need to rest my legs while sitting. Previously I used to sit with one leg on top or under the other but now I don't feel the need to, at least not as much as before. I'm very happy with this development. I have experienced other minor things such as pressure in the head, and overall my body seems to be getting warmer. EDIT: As always, I'd be glad if someone experienced in these matters would share his opinion on what is happening.
  9. How To Conquer Death!

    I've seen this post and the other one too. I wasn't going to comment on them so there's no need to delete them. Wouldn't it be better if you restrain yourself instead of posting something and then deleting it? It can confuse readers and some people (such as myself, in this case) will see it before you delete it, so it is futile.
  10. How To Conquer Death!

    From the same Upanishad: "When all the desires that dwell in the heart fall away, then the mortal becomes immortal and here attains Brahman."
  11. How To Conquer Death!

    Well it could be. I thought you were referring to the plant.
  12. Here's a very, very important text which is very easy to comprehend. It was taken from the Katha Upanishad. I copied what I think is the most important part. As for the third boon, the boy asked for the secret of Death. “There is that doubt, when a man is dead—some say that he is and some say he is not—this! I should like to know. Tell me, O Lord of Death, thy secret. Can man escape from thy clutch?” Yama said: “Do not ask that. On this point even the gods of olden times had doubt. Verily, it is not easy to understand it. Subtle is its nature. O Nachiketas! Choose another boon. Do not press me on this point. I will give you sons, grandsons, gold, horses, dominions, wealth, long life, fair damsels to attend on you, chariots etc.” Nachiketas said: “These things are ephemeral. They wear out the vigour of all the senses. Even the longest life is short. It is nothing when compared to Eternity. Keep thou thy chariots, the damsels, the dance and music. No one can be made happy by wealth. Give me the one boon, the only boon I seek—How may man escape thy mouth?” Lord Yama found out that the boy was a qualified student for the attainment of Jnana or wisdom of the Soul. He told him how man might escape from the hands of Death. He said: “O Nachiketas! Just listen to me with rapt attention. I shall tell you the way to attain Immortality. Man is bound by desires. The desires are born of the senses. These bind him to the wheel of birth and death. He must destroy the desires and subjugate the mind and the senses. This is the first step to be taken. The body is like a chariot, the senses are the horses, the mind is the reins and the intellect is the driver. The Atman or the Self is the Lord of the chariot. The sensual objects are the roads. The horses gallop after the objects of senses and carry the chariot with them. They must be guided along the right path. He who has no discrimination and whose mind is always uncontrolled, his senses (horses) are not controlled like the turbulent horses of a driver. He does not reach the goal, but enters into the round of births and deaths. But, he, who has understanding and whose mind is always controlled, his senses are under control like the good trained horses of a driver. He reaches that goal whence he is not born again. He reaches the end of his journey, that highest place of Vishnu. “Meditate on the One, the Eternal, the Atman, which dwells in the cavity of the heart. Fix your mind on the Supreme Self. When all the desires of the senses are destroyed, when the three knots of ignorance are broken, then you will attain Immortality or Self-realisation or Brahma-Jnana. Thus you may conquer Death. O Nachiketas! This is the secret of Death. “This Atman cannot be found by the sensual or the weak. It cannot be attained by arguments or discourse or study. The Self reveals Itself to him alone whom It chooses. The choice of the Self is determined by the purity and unselfishness of the life of the aspirant. “Arise! Awake! Having reached the great Teachers, learn and realise that wonderful Atman. Like the sharp edge of a razor is that path, difficult to cross and hard to tread—thus the wise say.” Nachiketas then having acquired this knowledge imparted by Yama and also the whole teaching about Yoga, having become free from passion, all impurities and death, attained Brahman or the Immortal Soul. Thus it will be with others also who thus know the nature of the Atman or the Immortal Soul.