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  1. At this point I can realistically spend two nights a week on organized training, as well as the occasional weekend or summer course. And I can train a little more by myself at home every weekday. So I'm aiming at taking one yoga and one meditation class per week. The first two months of yoga will be probably at a place that offers a combination class of yoga/qigong in preparation for neigong. Just to get an introduction to that stuff, rather than just doing random yoga at a gym. And then i'll start with the tantric yoga/meditation course I wrote about above (they had a waiting list so couldn't start right away). And yeah I agree it's best not to overload at first
  2. Thanks for your replies and time everyone! I finally found a seemingly authentic place that does yoga in combination with "breath exercises" (=pranayama I guess, though they start straight away with this in combination with asanas) as well as meditation - their meditations are called Antar Mauna and "Small Ajapa Japa" which are supposed to be tantric meditations. It's based on a Danish swami called Janakananda's techings. Even in my city, a capital of 2 million people and an abundance of yoga places, all seemed very commercial and this was the only one that seemed authentic (well, there was one more but it turned out to be a sect). I'll start with this, eventually in combination with classic hathayoga at a nearby gym. Hopefully qigong and chi work will follow after a year.
  3. Ok, this is a very basic question. Just getting into spirituality and buddhism/taoism and interested in discovering chi. I'm reading books on a wide variety of subjects, from taoism to buddhism to tantra. I want to get started with the practicalities, both physical movement, meditation and eventually chi work in due time. I'll be lying if I said i'm not interested in circulating sexual energy and such things, but it's not the main goal. Rather peace of mind and finding my level of spirituality. Now to my beginners dilemma: When it comes to the meditation and idea of chi, I'm leaning towards taoism. It just feels smoother and more clean-cut than kundalini and the kundalini connected meditation, and more easy to approach (not as much arcane language etc). But as for the psysical exercises, yoga seems more for me. I have tried yoga several times and like it, and in the country I live it's readily available everywhere (and a lot of my friends do it). I'm joining a kundalini yoga class soon, thinking the energy works there will help me with chi as well. So: 1) Is it just stupid to focus on two different systems? or is it pretty much the same thing and the important thing is to get going? And, 2) is it possible to discover and work with chi purely through the mind and meditation? Without any qigong at all that is? advice needed!
  4. Hello all, After quite a huge life crisis I got introduced to tantra and taoism through the sex stuff (maybe common, I dont know) specifically through reading Mantak Chias books. Now starting to read up on tibetan buddhism in general. I really appreciate the life change these wisdoms have made. I don't know where your views or policies stand on pirate copying, but I'm looking for a general torrent or download site on these topics - the thing I'm specifically trying to find is Bruce Frantzis "The Tao of Letting Go" Audio CDs - I bought the book but I'm just too poor to buy the CDs as well. Anyone knows where to download it, or a general site for taoism, buddhism and tantra material? Have been googling my ass off to no avail...