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  1. I am happy for Aboriginal ancestors and for all Aussies! _/I\_
  2. Stop cat torture

    Please sign the petition
  3. Theravada and Mahayana

    Even if there was no historical Buddha, we have the Dharma, which is Buddha Body. We can have fancy thoughts about the former, but none about the latter.
  4. Hi Phore, I am afraid there's none. Acaom requires on site clinical training and a minimum of training hours to avoid bogus programs. The only distance learning program that seems serious is the one offered by the Alberta College of Acupuncture in Canada, but even there, I think some on site training is required at some point. edited for syntax
  5. New member

    Hello Scott, Welcome at TTB! Hope you will enjoy your time here. When you will have enough approved posts, you will be able to put the link of your blog in your signature. It looks like an interesting resource.
  6. cant access general section

    Obviously, the Firefox/Seamonkey CPU and RAM problem is still a pending issue for all Mac users. I have tried all the browsers for MAC. I finally found Sunrise browser. It looks more user-friendly than Roccat and it is very light. I can't say anything about security and privacy though. This point remains to be seen but I am not sure that one can rely on a browser for that. You can download it here: The developer's site is here : This is my final note. Good luck
  7. cant access general section

    Too bad... Time to put back a safety lamp and dig..
  8. cant access general section

    I haven't found an alternative. But I found this that may help a bit: Firefox runs in 64-bit mode by default (at least on Mac anyway). I’ve noticed that Firefox uses up almost double the ram in 64-bit mode compared to when running in 32-bit mode. Also, some plugins (like Silverlight) are not yet compatible with the 64-bit mode of Firefox. Here’s how to run Firefox in 32-bit mode (by default) on Mac OS X: Using Finder, navigate to your Applications folder and locate the Firefox app. Command+Click (or Right-Click if you have a 2+ button mouse) and go to: “Get Info”. Check the box that says: “Open in 32-bit Mode” and close the Firefox Info box. Quit and then Relaunch Firefox.
  9. cant access general section

    To all Firefox lovers annoyed by the memory issue: Have you tried what is described on the following page? edited for spelling
  10. Pure Land Buddhism

    About Pure Land and Chan : plpatriarchs.pdf
  11. Pure Land Buddhism

    Thanks! _/I\_
  12. Pure Land Buddhism

    Hi Lin, I have a question How can we accumulate true good deeds if our mind is not pure already? Ven Chin Kung explains the difference between true good deeds and false ones (when you expect something in return). But to expect nothing in return would mean being totally selfless which is a high realization already. Amituofo
  13. Pure Land Buddhism

    Thank you for this Dharma teaching ! Amituofo!