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  1. does anyone know for certain if this is true?
  2. Regarding Dao Zou

    i definitely got some value out of furey's material. never bought any of the more expensive stuff though, and don't know about the walking backwards stuff, so i can't really judge. if you don't subscribe to his emails you're really missing out though, he's quite the entertainer!
  3. hrm …. i know i wasn't there, but reading this makes it sound to me like he basically beat you up, and that the "results" you experienced might be attribute to you being so relieved and high on endorphins when he finally finished. it sure doesn't sound like anything i'd want to subject myself to willingly... but to each his own!
  4. Addiction to Lust/Porn/Women

    no offense, but i think the vast, vast majority of people on this forum would be a lot better off worrying less about how much sex they are or aren't having and just shut up and practice instead. i think there are a lot of people here who are really screwed up about sex, and it's like getting into qigong and taoism or whatever just makes it worse.
  5. so what you're saying is that practicing the gengmenpai waigong helps to reduce the likelihood or severity of having the kinds of blockages which would stop you from practicing neigong, right? … how, exactly?
  6. Thanks for your report. It seems like you think everything is legit? There were some people who posted here in the past who said they got a bad vibe from some of the people around Jiang. How long did they tell you that you needed to be celibate? How many hours do you have to practice each day? How long did they tell you it would take to be able to achieve the yin-yang gong / do the electric qi thing? Have you done any kind of Chinese qigong before? if so was what you learned similar or very different? thanks, PROCLUS
  7. Hello everyone!

    Long time cultivater, first time poster!