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  1. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    yeah, i do still hear it. it's going right now, and it's stronger in my right ear. and it's also not nearly as intense as it was the 2009 evening, so it's not like a whole head-buzzing sensation, but it's there, and it seems to come and go in intensity.
  2. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    can anyone explain what the tinnitus-type ringing in my ear sounds i was hearing? and why focusing that sounds and trying to increase it seemed to help increase the energy/feeling? wow, shame on me, i apologize in advance for blowing up my own post. i'm just very exited to finally speak with people who know what this is!!!!!!!!
  3. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    thank you for the recommendation, i will look that up (xmas is close!) as far as course of study, i'm not sure. i guess i'm not really concerned with recreating that experience. i just would like to know and understand how the body is capable of doing this, and how i can utilize these energies for a more spiritually healthy body/mind. i guess i would be most interested in balancing energy, like during emotional times and getting more control of my sexual impulses.
  4. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    hope i can find someone knowledgeable!
  5. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    got it. thanks! also, i wouldn't think something like this could be achieved easily. 10 years of daily practice seems like a worthy price to pay for such wonderful piece of knowledge!
  6. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    thank you hydrogen, that's really reassuring letting me know that it wasn't unique! i'm glad to hear that others can make this happen as well. unfortunately i don't know anyone who i could talk about this with, so i'm very thankful for everyone's answers. this 'orgasm' was such a miraculous thing and not in my day to day experience. i'm not desiring to repeat it necessarily, but i am interested in understanding what happened and how the body could do this! where to start? is there an introduction to techniques? all i have to go on so far is the wikipedia page on microcosmic orbit. http://en.wikipedia....crocosmic_orbit im more confused than ever , but grateful everyone here is taking the time to help me out.
  7. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    can anyone recommend some books with general info about beginning to explore and understand this energy? (the Microcosmic orbit) or even better, a teacher/master in the mid atlantic? also, does diet play a huge role in sensitivity to this energy? sorry for all the noob questions. there is so much to look over in these forums.
  8. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    now that i can understand! thankfully i don't really use MJ anymore. and if i do in the future, it will only be on rare occasions and for exploring this only.
  9. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    i do meditate, though i don't do anything esoteric like taoist sexual practices. just good ol fashioned Tibetan awareness , with a little zen emptiness twist for 30 minutes a day. i used to do pranayama, but stopped after feeling like it wasn't really doing anything. i have an open mind about trying anything after that experience though. ill look around the internet for anything 'microcosmic orbit' related. but as for looking for a teacher i have not. it's not out of the question, though. but where would i find a competent teacher in spiritually-devoid washington dc?
  10. orgasm in my brain from cannabis, now need answers

    i honestly can't remember definitively, but i am inclined to say with eyes closed . definitely not my typical response to MJ though, if you are hinting that it was a hallucination. ill get back to you after i review my journal from that experience tonight when i get home from work.
  11. hi guys, this looks like the place to dump this crazy experience in full and finally look for some answers. chemical aids: this was halloween 2009, so i was 24 at the time. i was at a party that i wasn't enjoying, because i had just moved back home from tn and didn't really know anyone except for a few people. so i drank a few beers (4 maybe) and left. i got home a little bummed out and decided to smoke some cannabis. i smoked maybe once a month or two then, and now maybe once to twice a year. (i also had gone a few extra days without masturbating, which i wanted to do since i had been doing it compulsively daily or every other day, and felt like i should stop.) setting: anyway, i'll cut to the experience. i felt a strong desire type feeling, the kind that precedes sex or masturbation. (cannabis is definitely an aphrodisiac for me, which i think is critical to note.) i didn't want to masturbate and fall asleep, so i began to experiment with the feeling instead. i visualized pulling more of this energy up from between my legs. i achieved an erection by doing this, and sustained the energy by picturing arousing thoughts. experience: as the excitement and feeling built, i heard a high pitch sound in my head. (which, as i was browsing these forums before registering, i saw something that looked like a paysite for information about this.) anyway, the feeling in my pelvis area began to be too much. i knew a little about chakras, but nothing about moving energy or inner alchemy or anything like that at the time. so i focused on moving the energy up my spine. as i thought about it, the feeling/energy crept up with it. it felt really good, like it was building. i arched my back and tensed my muscles to force it up further, which felt great. i think i was also focusing on the high pitched sound as well, which i remember helping the feeling along. it was a little scary because i didn't know if i could hurt myself with the feeling of pressure building, but the beer helped me through that. finally i was able to force this energy into my head and it felt like a gushing sensation, like a mental orgasm, an ejaculation of energy in my brain. a bunch of white phosphenes accompanied the feeling, like a firework fountain behind my eyes. it was a huge release. after it happened the first time, i laid there just repeating "what was that?" in disbelief. i was able to do this a couple of times that night, but it got more and more exhausting. i haven't tried it again since, it seems too special to mess around with using chemicals. but since getting into meditation every day and having no answers for what happened, it's starting to bother me not knowing. tl;dr. what the hell was that? an energy orgasm in my brain? i spoke to a friend about it and he pointed me out to the nei jing tu (which still means nothing to me other than a representation of a body) and mentioned getting through gates. what gates? can this be achieved again without chemical aids?? thank for reading, some answers would really really mean a lot. this looks like a great forum to be a part of! (note: this is all from memory, i have a written record of what happened from 2009 because i was so blown away by it. ill review that and make sure everything i wrote down here is accurate.) -danny