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  1. hi

    thanks. the meditation might be good, but the organization is too secretive and its philosophy too extreme.
  2. when i was in first grade in china (in the 90s), my teacher told me some asocial guy went to some elementary schools and shot kids with a hunting rifle (yes it used to legal to own rifle in china, so ppl could shoot up birds for fun), which at the time really scared a cr*p out of me. i remember feeling afraid that someone would shoot me from the back while i walked on streets. but i never heard of any more shooting at kids in china, know why? they banned the guns.
  3. how did figure that china mandates religion in constitution?
  4. when i grew up in china, swastika was just so normal and everyday that i couldn't even understand why ppl find it uncomfortable. you see it in so many buddhist temples. i knew nazi's deeds but i never thought of the germans when i see the buddhist symbol. similarly when i watch wwii movies, the nazi's emblem never reminds me of buddhism either. i just couldn't believe how one could put the two together (but now i heard in the 30s some zen masters in japan came up with some buddhist theories to explain that killing enemies is a beautiful and serene thing to do, and the japanese in wwii did commit some similar acts like germans)
  5. hi

    oh, btw, i also did the falun gong for some years.
  6. falun gong ppl are adverse to xtians as li hongzhi considers the religious being controlled by "rotten gods."
  7. hi

    i'm new here, hi guys. i'm interested in zen, dao, etc. i've read shunryu suzuki's zen mind, the beginnner's mind, and found it mind-blowing. i've also tried some qigong. so that's my bio in the paranormal.