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  1. Is your Buddhism just an ego trip?

    Love is a biased emotion, its opposite being hate. In Buddhism the ultimate expression is compassion, which is different from love because its not partial or biased. It also arises spontaneously and naturally, uncontrived, when we abide in our Buddha nature. Furthermore there is no ultimate self in Buddhism. Although its recognized that we have a self that has arisen through causes and conditions (through dependent origination), its viewed that this self is a impermanent entity composed of a combination of the elements mixed with ones karmic accumulations. The Buddha nature is primordial emptiness, our own primordial nature. Although empty of existence (meaning it has not arisen as an object to be seen, held, smelled, and so forth) it is in fact a thing with qualities, its qualities are listed variously, but most generally speaking its open, spontaneous, indestructible, non dual, indivisible. Its when we abide in our Buddha nature that spontaneous compassion for all beings arises, but it does so without any imputation of oneself or other as being real entities. In fact, its the very knowledge that there is no self that gives rise to compassion in the first place, because its seen very clearly that peoples belief in themselves and objects as absolutely real and permanent is what gives rise to suffering (through attachment to and aversion from objects/self). Its a complicated subject and not easily understood intellectually. Better to meditate and try to directly experience the emptiness nature of phenomena for oneself.
  2. You should just go to his apartment and ask him what that noise is. Don't go to him with blame, anger, and so forth. For all you know hes not even aware of it as a problem. Maybe hes kicking his wall as a nervous tick while hes on his computer or something. You are imagining that hes sitting there gleefully annoying you, but thats just a projection cause you don't know. Go to him without blame in your heart, ask him about the noise, and let him know that it bothers you so if its possible you would like it to stop, whatever it is. Then if it doesn't stop, take it to the landlord.
  3. Hello all

    Well apparently you can't post anything without posting here first. I'm new to Daoism, but not to the path it teaches. I come from Buddhism, as well as having studied many other paths. Daoism is just the latest. I am basically seeking a place where I am accepted, where I can complete my development and achieve total enlightenment and self realization for the benefit of all sentient beings. I am feeling a bit out of place in Buddhism because of the long standing traditions, systems, religious aspects, and everything else. I don't have much patience for religion and have no inclination to do pointless ritual. I am only interested in taming the mind and learning to control and transmute my energy for the benefit of others. Maybe Daoism will help me with that.