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  1. Kunlun clockwise vs. counterclockwise

    River salmon are experts at using the counter-clockwise (relative to the stream) vortex to move upstream. When we do this internally we're moving up the cosmic stream...
  2. Kunlun clockwise vs. counterclockwise

    With Kunlun level 1 (the spontaneous posture) we are generally adviced to start out going clockwise, to build the necessary foundational energy and ground it into the body. Then, after quite some time, after you've opened up, you could start going counter-clockwise. These rotations are done with the spine, spiraling from the waist.
  3. Kunlun Level 1

    As far as I can tell the basic method is the same. However, Max gives a few additional adjustments/variations for you to experiment with. Like what he calls the refined kunlun posture with yin/yang hand. Having tried both variations I now prefer the yin/yang hand. It seems to create a stronger flow, and energize my kidneys faster.
  4. Here's a few pointers that I've collected. Feel free to add more. CLOCKWISE: - will allow the energy to swim into you - upward-flowing - draws the energy down (for creation) - grounds, nourishes, and strengthens - warming - inbreath - electric COUNTER-CLOCKWISE: - will allow you to swim up into the energy - downward-flowing - draws the energy up (for evolution) - evolves, transforms, breaks the energetic shell of the body by counter-rotation - cooling - outbreath - magnetic
  5. Normal Breathing vs. Reverse Breathing

    If you lift the perineum as you breathe in, and contract the diaphragm/stomach, you create a vacuum in the lower dan tien. As you relax and exhale this vacuum will fill up, pulling energy up from the perineum/earth/sexual organs.
  6. Normal Breathing vs. Reverse Breathing

    Reverse breathing is good for moving energy up, and generate more energy from all the organs, especially the kidneys. It's got more of a fire quality to it. Lock your root on the outbreath to prevent it from leaking. Normal breathing is for moving energy down, like in the water path.
  7. Secret of the Golden Flower

    Well, J.J. Semple did, and he awakened his kundalini by following the directions in the text itself. He wrote a book about his experiences, and he calls it "The backward-flowing method". http://www.frontstreetreviews.com/Backward.html
  8. Hello

    I've had an interest in taoism, as well as internal alchemy (both western and eastern) for many years. Before I met Max and learned the Kunlun system I had been dabbling in several practices, but never found one that really resonated with my heart. Kunlun changed my life, and I'm more "myself" than I've ever been. I've also had the pleasure of training with Nan Lianchan ("the iceman") and his Yuan Rong system. Recently I learned David Verdesi's tummo and internal alchemy practices, and while I find them interesting my main focus is still on Kunlun.