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  1. I really didn't know what I wanted to touch on when I wrote about my time this past November with Shifu and Grady. I thought "Maybe I should go in-depth about how the locals from the area were in awe of seeing a real-life black person, not to mention, with dreads!!!". I also thought "Maybe I should talk about how 'Chinese customer service' is an oxymoron coming from the customer service we are accustom to in the states." There are many different stories I could tell about my mini adventure in the far east but seeing as though this forum was created to discuss "Shaolin Yijinjing Gengmenpai" I figured "Hell I won't bore the readers with all the craziness I dealt with and get right to the 'meat and potatoes'". As Grady has stated on this forum, before you can begin practicing/training your health must first be evaluated. You see, if your not in pristine or at least close to pristine condition you will not be able to progress as quickly as one should when you begin practicing/training. So that is where I shall begin with my experience When Grady brought me to Shifu for my evaluation, it was quite simple....straight to the point. The meridians were checked and then a diagnosis was given. After that, the "electric like qi" was administered to help remove some blockages that were found. *Side note* I know there are some people (really only one person and some skeptics who side with him) who have said that Dr. Feng uses some type of hidden machinery to produce this very tangible energy. Im here to tell you this is just not the case. I know this because not only did I experience some of the brother students Qi, but I also experienced Grady's! Thats significant because I had been with Grady the entire time...saw him barefoot and all, and even he was able to produce this energy. It wasn't quite as strong as some of the brother students, but its still quite and achievement since everybody else there had been practicing for many moons longer than he. Grady's description was an accurate one, it feels like grabbing an electric fence . It wasn't painful as one may imagine being electrocuted may feel, but it was just as intense as I would imagine a powerful electric current surging through my body would be! Anyway, after the qi was passed into me it became apparent that I had a blockage. They then did some blood cupping to show me the stagnant energy in a more tangible way. After that I was prescribed some of Shifu's "special medicine", which like some have said can be quite expensive, and I was made to eat it and return at a later time to see what changes had occurred with my health. Long story short, I came back at the time specified and....ALL WAS WELL !! Then we began practicing Of course I can't go into detail about what we do to cultivate this energy, but I can tell you that its not for the weak-willed! It is physically, not to mention mentally, strenuous work. Your probably not going to want to have to do this kind of work everyday. But as Grady has shared with me, its the consistency of the practice that makes the whole thing come together. Im motivated to keep moving forward because I've witnessed what a few years of practice can do..i.e. Grady blasting me with Qi lol. So experiencing that motivates me to utilize what I have been taught on the daily basis until I too can produce this tangible, electric-like-Qi. Shifu and the brother students were very down to earth people. I did not get a sense of them feeling as if they were superior in anyway! Grady is an excellent, excellent, (did I say excellent?), EXCELLENT teacher. I can't thank him enough for how detailed he was when he gave me the whole deal. He was very patient and kind and I truly appreciated it. I was there for 10 days and we practiced two times a day for about 6-7 days. To those of you who go in February know that he is pushing you because it is necessary! I still hear his words when i practice today lol. Celibacy....well.....it sucks lol. But its necessary! My advice, get your girl friend to see the John Chang video and possibly some Dragon Ball Z or something and then say "Babe, If we stop having sex for a little while (its not a little while ...) then I can do stuff like that too! Our sex life will even be better!!" Thats what I did..it softened the blow a little. Thats about it....I had a long flight back to North Carolina and I was happy to come back to the states! Any questions just post and I'll be glad to answer what I can. Much love, peace!
  2. Whats up family!

    My names is Tigo. I've been to the site many times but I just decided to officially join today. I've just returned from China studying yijinjing. I look forward to sharing with you all. Peace!