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  1. Mo Pai Nonsense

    i have done this!...mixing yin and yang!...its very difficult and they do not float around inside you!....these processes are nothing to play with!....i do agree with chang you must be wiling to die for that power! has to be willing to give their life to it and for it because the practice alone will consume you!....
  2. Mo Pai Nonsense

    there are many ways to become superman and they are not all called mo pai!....sun tzu lao tzu and mo tzu all took their knowledge from an earlier system of power and figured out what they could and mastered that pai is one of many neikung traditions.....and most have different beleifs associated with their system!....and we all know what people can and will do on behalf of their beliefs !!!
  3. Mo Pai Nonsense

    you dont practice neikung and i know you dont have a master because either your master would have told you that they cannot fuse and or by practice you would comprehend their uses and functions and would not have made a statement like are one of those people who read ...and don't are full of it!
  4. Mo Pai Nonsense

    what new ability is bestowed to you at this level?
  5. Mo Pai Nonsense

    the dantien and perenium do not you practice neikung pie guy???
  6. Mo Pai Nonsense

    i think you read that wrong pie guy
  7. mysticism

    Does anyone know about chi, Psi, or prana???
  8. mysticism

    Hi im mystictez ....does anyone practice mysticism?