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  1. Long-term kunlun practitioners?

    after a while it seems anything done for that long (1 hour as it says in the book) will have effects, however the main thing that turned me off was to have a chunk of my day (3 hours) not eating or drinking ( 1 hour before and after expletive on no eating or drinking rule). How do you guys manage that?
  2. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    is "way of the tao" = gift of the tao?
  3. Kunlun One Breath Question

    The smiling practice fits nicely with the breath, as I feel it always brings me back to a place of letting the breath flow, and less constriction, furthermore I think the smile allows one to encounter stuck unresolved facial tensions of crying, bitterness, etc,
  4. Irritated were I shouldn't! Help!

    Shen Yi in the Taoist classic Cao du Ching suggests using vennison bark
  5. A tale of Daoist sexual interests

    that sounds very righteous and well meaning, yet you judge back hmmmmm
  6. A tale of Daoist sexual interests

    ye this would be a sausage fest... when in Rome
  7. A tale of Daoist sexual interests

    this is the digital body to always have arguments, this the nature of forums, we are not going to "achieve" tao in the virtual world, nor is it the intent of said medium.
  8. try using a different browser to upload onto youtube
  9. His method was a great influence on my practice.
  10. Water fasting

    I think intermittent fasting is awesome, have a daily eating window of 4 to 8 hours and fast the rest http://www.leangains.com/ www.fast-5.com/
  11. Blowhole

    http://www.amazon.com/Uvex-S1933X-Eyewear-SCT-Orange-Anti-Fog/dp/B000USRG90/ref=pd_bxgy_hi_text_y great against fluorescent light
  12. Soma - Plants and the Divine

    Used as an incense against evil eye in Persian culture, interestingly has same b.caapi MAOI properties as ayahuasca, some argue that its the original Soma
  13. Soma - Plants and the Divine

    I suggest we harmala ourselves to eternity.