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  1. Bye Bye & Wish you all the best

    From what I got from my short time on this forum is that you were a real jewel of knowledge as well as a little bit of that coyote type nature which seemed to add a sparkle amongst many here. Thank you for your time and I wish you and all your students the best of luck. If I'm ever down that way I'll look you up. graditude towards you, jai
  2. Taoist Intensive Funds Request

    Exactly!!! you got it, its all one big cosmic joke. we are all a joke, especially you.
  3. Detroit Area Knowledge

    I have a really dear friend to me living in Detroit who has been experiencing really bad abdominal/intestinal inflammation and stomach acid problems probably rooted deep in her energetic systems. She has tried all the modern medicinal approaches but they have not worked, surprise surprise... Does anyone know of any trustworthy qikung practitioners/healers in or around the detroit area? Thank you for your assistance. JaiJai
  4. oh yeah.... www.ic.org also
  5. www.manitou.org I think the catholic monastery you talk about is a carmelite monastery in crestone. Its on the above site. There are a lot of other spiritual communities there that are already formed and are still forming including a Bon Po temple/community.
  6. Benny Podda: Real Bone Marrow Washing

    I was looking at Chunyi's website and couldn't find what you are talking about. I found cds for $25 but they didn't seem like the right thing. Could you provide a link?
  7. Tantric Mongoose

    did the tantric mongoose leave the building?
  8. This isn't from Max but here at MUM we would call it Natural Law or the Laws of Nature. Its how consciousness interacts with itself to create what is experienced and seen. Getting back to the one law would be getting more in tune with the cycles of nature and the manifestation of creation.
  9. Kunlun 1 posture for standing?

    Hey Mantra, what about seated in full or half lotus? Can one do K1 like that. The reason I ask is if you are somewhere without a chair, like in the forest, what can you do? Thanks Chris for your continued assistance
  10. What is the Kunlun Energy

    So I started this discussion, which has now evolved into a new being, and would like to lust give what I have learned from here. In order to understand Kunlun, you first have to understand there is nothing to understand. Its is both abstract and orderly in nature. It is truly the path of no more learning. The last thing you learn is that there is nothing too learn, only experience and through that experience we know kunlun. Thank you everyone who has contributed to this discussion even if your only purpose here was to discredit others by trying to tear away their experiences, which is now inherit in their being and permanent in structure. Once you have the experience and let your mind settle down from all the excitement from the experiences than you naturally fall out of understanding and become standing. know.ledge- a ledge of experience under.standing- standing under the ledge of knowledge. be knowledge. live in the light
  11. Dr. Yan Xin

    I have been doing research for my school on qigong and its benefits in the world of health and I came across this guy who has been doing a lot of interesting studies. Is there anyone here who has experience with this guy or with his work? Also if anyone has any info on scientific studies of qigong that would be really useful in my research. Dr. Yan Xin
  12. Teach in China

    so about 6000rmb is about 850$ a month? Do find that is enough to get by with extracurricular activities and food?
  13. For Clarity on Philip Toledo

  14. For Clarity on Philip Toledo

    no offense taken and yes if i did here it from max maybe I might know differently but until then thats what I think went down and thats my own opinion..... Max on Holidays....... anywho I will say it now, dont believe a word I say
  15. For Clarity on Philip Toledo

    All people do is speculate, and its your speculation that I am speculating and now I'm making a speculation that you were speculating that I was speculating. See I can go on and on forever. Thats why its better to call it opinions and feelings. This was more along the lines of gut feelings that I share with the rest of the group. I wasn't saying that this is how it is and everyone should believe me, but that this is how I feel about what happened in that event and it resonates with me. sorry if I came across assertively. And yes, in the field of all possibilities we can do both.