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    I have been stumbling across this forum for some time during internet searches and feel it is time to introduce myself to and immerse myself in this community I am 25 and have (for two years on/off)been practicing solo cultivation (sometimes with a partner) with Mantak Chias methods and some tantric methods and enjoy dry, multiple and extended orgasm with regularity. I follow up with the male deer excersizes. I also jelq (and have gained an inch in length from that as well as a stronger, healthier feeling jade stalk) and do several PC excersizes. I am looking to restart standing qigong before moving into other styles such as wild goose. I also practice Jeet Kune Do. I have a growing interest in (chinese) herbology and am going to school to be a nuritionist. Recently I have been cured of a tumor/growth in the arm that I was considering having surgically removed. After a month of enjoying my astragalus, shizandra, rhemannia, white peony and gynostemma tea combination among other things... my body pushed out the growth! I had it for most of my life and after a few weeks of herbs it simply fell out. I am extremely grateful to be accepted into this community. I feel like I am only beginning my journey to vital health and happiness and have so much to learn. Blessings.