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  1. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Although the truth of ancient Earth civilizations is, unfortunately largely speculative, there are some facts that I find particularly intriguing: In order to develop "astronomy", it was necessary to first develop writing, mathematics, and agriculture, and then spend over sixty thousand years occupying the same geographic space to record the raw data. No civilization in the past five thousand years has come close to this achievement, obviously - no civilization in recorded history has lasted so long. We could, I suppose, grant those ancient prehistoric humans the benefit of supercomputers, and shorten the data collection time to thirty thousand years, allowing them to extrapolate the precession of equinoxes that they had not literally observed, but the fact of their output is unmistakable: an advanced human civilization in existence at the very least, twenty thousand years before the end of the last ice age.
  2. Haiku Chain

    A boat in a bowl Like a mind without focus Has nowhere to go
  3. Haiku Chain

    With mind still and clear Ultimate truth realized: Compassion is all
  4. Haiku Chain

    Adrift and unknown Even the cherry blossom Still follows the way
  5. Haiku Chain

    Ah my sweet repose Rain drumming on my windows Blown by the north wind
  6. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Focus on the part of the problem that one has influence upon - there is only one that a person has the right to change, in thought, in feeling, in word, and in action. Once one has begun this task, one should continue to practice patience … as others perceive a desirable state of being within one, they will inquire as to how they might also attain such peace and contentment - at such times, one may share some tips for the curious. No one can be brought to enlightenment by force - the process is ongoing, and will take as long as it takes. One doing one's own part, that is not only sufficient, that is all.
  7. Are Men Lonely As Women? Are Spiritual Men Lonely?

    The sense of loneliness is a byproduct of conscious awareness. Physical gender expression of an organism has no bearing upon this phenomenon whatsoever. Curiously, the closer to 'enlightenment' one becomes, one is more keenly aware of this emotional state, and the reason for it. Understanding may not be the cure, per se, but it does render the condition irrelevant.
  8. Year of the Pig

    I went to the store yesterday to stock up on supplies, but the only thing left on sale was bacon …. I should have consulted the calendar Happy New Year, Bummers!
  9. Haiku Chain

    We still call schooling Words, repeated endlessly Where are our own thoughts?
  10. How do you explain Daoism?

    Dao is the study of existence as it is; there is no dogma, only the journey to uncover the truth. What is, Is.
  11. To teach, or not to teach?

    greetings, bummers! I have already received the answer that I was looking for, and many thanks to the DaoBums community for your help. In the interest of consistency, I will put the question forth. I have a dear friend who is becoming the heir to the art of Shotokan in America, and is currently undergoing intensive training in chi manipulation. After observing his progress, and learning about his training regimen, I have determined that there are many refinements that are lacking in his instruction. This is not his fault, nor the fault of his teacher; they were left out of the discipline entirely, due to the novice status of the discipline's founder. If I teach him what he is lacking, it will alter Shotokan completely. What should I do?
  12. I would say that yes, through the practice of qi gong, I have reached a point where I do not feel that there is anything at all to be anxious about. Thank you, that answers the question I had when I logged in
  13. What are you listening to?

    Really loving Disturbed's cover of 'Sound of Silence', but working on learning the guitar music for a handful of Badfinger songs, 'My Baby Blue' amongst them.
  14. Bah, would love too ... but I've got an Ultima shard that I am currently avoiding writing code for I'll have to stick your link in favorites and get back with ya when my noodle needs a change of pace! Roleplaying game design .. an excellent means for developing Mental Fortitude! (ie: patience)
  15. Wisdom from Scientists

    Generally, wisdom is an instinctive discernment; the ability to judge whether an idea or course of action is likely to yield beneficial results. It is not typically a product of scientific reasoning. A person might be capable of mustering their intellect and make rationalisations in order to approximate wisdom, but in order to do so with accurracy, their depth of knowledge must be quite vast. Many members of the scientific community do not lack in intellect, and may be fairly knowledgable in their particular fields of interest, but the number of brilliant scientists with intimate knowledge of a multiplicity of fields is relatively small. There are simply too many unknown variables involved in complex processes to rely solely upon local conciousness to make wise decisions. I would prefer that, should I be depending upon answers from an outside source, I should recieve my general information from someone with experience in using their instinctive wisdom, and then flesh out the specifics with the knowledge of science.