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  1. is it only me or the TB has lost its magic?

    Hear Hear! _/\_
  2. "GIRI" article

    Thanks for the article, Santi.... Wait! All of us now have to write two amazing articles for the one Santi has given us. This is gonna look like the Mak tin si days, very very soon.... Just kidding. I got the meaning of the article and thanks, seriously.
  3. Cats are funny

  4. Deer Pizzle

    You might not be so abnormal. I'll share some of my experience. As weird as this sounds, I never masturbated till I was about eighteen and a half (I looked at porn for like ten days when I was twelve then stopped cause I thought it was weird). I had wet dreams about every month or so, but I could remain celibate for a long period of time with no problem. In fact, I wasn't very attracted to girls till I was sixteen. But, after I turned eighteen and a half, I hit a wall somehow, and now I'm just as horny as any other nineteen year old. Right now, I'd love to go back to the way I was a year ago, I would have a lot more peace of mind. IMO, there might be something wrong with your sexual health, or maybe you're a little bit different.
  5. Magic

    Interesting talk by Dan Ingram on magic and stuff: Pretty much repeats the idea that you have to use concentration and intent to make stuff happen.
  6. .

    Scott always kicked ass before, kicks ass right now, and, if the trends holds up, should kick ass for a long time in the future. Just wondering, do you still practice Red Phoenix Scott? Or any of the other Kunlun derivative practices (golden flower, red sun, etc.)?
  7. Tao is Simple (explaination)

    Daniel Ingram makes a great argument that someone who is enlightened will say they are enlightened. When asked who he was, the Budhha said he was "awake". And Daniel Ingram says he's an arahat...and he sounds believable...but wtf do I know?
  8. Proving "Group consciousness"

    Amazing! Thanks for posting Smile!
  9. Forum Addiction

    We need to start a group: Tao Bums Anonymous (TBA) I'll start it off: Hi everyone, I'm Niel. (Hi Niel). I'm addicted to Tao Bums. I go there way too often and find myself doing it instead of studying or meditating (which is strange cause meditating is what gets you the Tao, not going on forums). In fact, I've found myself taking suggestions on how to masturbate from random strangers on the internet who I don't know. It's been that bad.... I could go on, but I think you get the picture. Or, maybe I could develop some discipline... Sorry Cam, I kinda ripped this off of you from one of your posts on the K forum, but my joke instincts were too strong.
  10. To all seekers of truth

    I'm a "seeker of truth" Thanks for the good wishes
  11. Dark Night of the Soul

    Try looking at Daniel Ingram's book: He says that he was in a dark night of the soul for ten years, then managed to push through on a vipassana retreat to get a strong level of realization.
  12. Winnie the Fu

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying the Fu-mor (whomp whomp...bad pun..i know). I also think I know where in China Mak Tin Si is from: FU-jin
  13. Winnie the Fu

    THAT's what I was looking for. In my head, I was trying to remember his famous saying with "Fu" in it, but couldn't remember.
  14. Winnie the Fu

    OMG! I just realized that Mr. T was actually a Taoist priest: "You gonna feel some pain, Fu" -Mr. T
  15. Winnie the Fu

    LOL! No worries man. I'm always up for a good laugh.