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  1. posture of a text question

    thank you!
  2. posture of a text question

    Thank you for your kind explanation! can someone also explain the hands? I can only see the hands from the sides and do not know how the fingers should be thanks
  3. posture of a text question

    Thank you! I take it that the legs are in a half lotus position and i can't make out much of the hand positions another question, would it be okay to do the full lotus instead of the half lotus?
  4. hi guys, recently i got my hands on the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality by Charles Luk, and i have a question. there is one passage that says, "The left leg should be placed outside and close the right one; this means the positive embracing the negative. The thumb of the left hand should touch its middle finger and the right hand should be placed under it (palm upward) with its thumb bent over the left palm; this means the negative embracing the positive." does anyone have a visual representation or can anyone explain to me in a more simple way? many thanks!
  5. How did you start?

    I was chatting with a school friend through Skype. We were talking about our classes and all until we ran out of topics to talk about. He suddenly brought up questions like, "What is the point of life?," "what happens after death?" and so on. Those types of questions lingered in my mind for weeks. As a person, I have stuff that I love to do. Won't it be a waste to just die like that? Working towards something for so long and just in the end to ... die? I started searching up immortality. Obviously, news about scientists developing immortality methods with new technology and part-machine bodies. I didn't like that. It wasn't natural. I wanted my body to stay natural. Being a Chinese and a Buddhist, the next thing in my mind was Taoist immortality. It immediately popped into my head. I started searching it up and doing some research across the Internet. ... And that is how I got here, as I wanted to partake in this community and learn something new. I then started learning about spiritual immortality. I thought that it would be fun, manifesting as many different forms and travelling the universe. I want to feel the joy of being unbounded by nothing!
  6. Some questions about exercises

    Thanks for the detailed reply! May I know what techniques are used for cultivating "fire in the belly"? Is reverse breathing needed for a spiritual fetus? o:
  7. Some questions about exercises

    Okay, I'll try. D: Also, what does reverse breathing do? I know it is a way to gain energy as we breathe like that after some cardio or exercises, but what are the effects?
  8. If You were on the Moon..

    My face when ... .
  9. Some questions about exercises

    Thanks for enlightening me! Are there anything I should refrain from eating, or anything that I should eat?
  10. Some questions about exercises

    Thanks for all the replies. It's great to have many knowledgable seniors! Can someone explain body breathing? I want to read more about it. Oh, and embryonic breathing is normal breathing, right? Stomach expands when inhaling, and contracts when exhaling?
  11. Some questions about exercises

    Thanks for the replies! Another question: is there an exercise for "ch'i follows the mind"? Looks like I need to research a bit more on "body breathing." I'm trying to follow the meditation exercises here: Unfortunately, the website has not been updated for thirteen years.
  12. Wow, now I can understand it from a scientific viewpoint. Thanks! I also tried learning the meditations from this site, but unfortunately it has not been updated for 13 years. Which is why I asked about the "fire in the belly" and "body breathing" because I couldn't find any info about it online. ]x
  13. Hi! I have some questions regarding a few exercises/meditations. What is "fire in the belly"? Is it a meditation technique? If so, how do you execute it? I also want to know what is "body breathing." I tried to find some information online about "fire in the belly" and "body breathing" but I couldn't find any that were plausible at the least. Also, how do you manage sexual energy? Is there a technique for it? Thanks!
  14. Sorry, I misread the topic post. My apologies.
  15. It is the "Way" so it is a path? Credit and source: