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  1. So, that to which your reaction is 'suffering' is evil?. That which you find unacceptable is evil?. I don't see evil. I only see beings with conflicting desires.
  2. what is a person?

    You believe so?. Is it not only a hypothesis?. You mean to say, you don't doubt that at all?. (Is not belief beyond the ability to doubt?. Or are people metaphorically calling 'the most favourable hypothesis' belief?.) To me it sounds like a attempt at consoling myself, if and when I feel deprived of something or when I relate to another's grief.
  3. what is a person?

    I guess a cell is alone. Lone cells act in such concert to make the 'I'. I am alone. If people can come together, acting with such concert as the cells, there I see something/someone being alone. Do you find your self relating to that?.
  4. Hi,a new member here

    I couldn't resist wanting to hang around for the kind of stuff people contemplate here. See you.