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  1. Greetings to all. I am Dav Redfoot of Ontario, Canada. I have quite a bit of general experience in yoga. I have learned since a child, originally with my mother and her teachers. I have also always had a love of climbing, running, and jumping which has lead me to develope many methods of freerunning (for awareness, health and discipline, not for showing off). My practice of freerunning, as I grew older than the age of invincible youth, prompted me to balance the hard, fast, freerunning with some calmer forms of energy cultivation. So I found this group while searching for some lost breath control exercises I couldn't remember, and found probably the best person to ask about it! But I also noticed a good balance of intelligent practice discussion with open minded spiritual discussion. Seems like a great online venue to discuss these things, and I'm glad I found it. Well have a good one everybody! Dav