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  1. hello!

    thanks. i quit FG mostly because i was pissed off that i couldn't be a dancer of the Shen Yun shows, the most important project of the FG cause. There are so many benefits of being a Shen Yun dancer: 1) This is probably the only FG project that is personally supervised by Master Li, so you know you're pretty much guaranteed a godhood after the Apocalypse. 2) To be a Shen Yun dancer, you get to live at "the mountain," the FG headquarter near Middletown, NY. It is a huge complex with many Dang Dynasty-style buildings and is off-limits to any non-practitioners. So you know you'll be at the purest place in the world and would probably get to see Master Li himself daily. 3) Dancing for Shen Yun is a full-time job, so you'll be doing Spreading the Fa activities 24/7, without worrying about getting a paying job to pay for rent and food (as there will be no such expenses when living at the mountain). So getting into Shen Yun was like my dream then, and I was mad when I was rejected while some of my FG friends got the call. I was unable to recover from that, and after a while I ended up viewing anti-FG websites, the first time I ever did it. Once I saw how the "omniscient" Master Li misused some simple scientific terms in the books and his other mishaps, I realized that the Apocalypse probably won't be coming. Then I was quite mad at myself for wasting my life in FG, and Master Li for duping us. That's why I quit.
  2. hello!

    Hi everyone, i'm Lee, i'm here because this is the only website i know that has a large gathering of ex-falun gong practitioners. i practiced falun gong for 6 yrs and quit it 4 yrs ago. ever since that i've been looking for former members to share the experience of having been a member of FG. thanks!