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  1. There no need to be childish about it. Im just telling you how i work
  2. If the master cannot or will not demonstrate his power, Then see you later, im outta there. I have no time for Lineages that only talk
  3. Hi Guys, What seminar do you mean, I thought the Seminar was not until March ? Can you please explain about the big attainment and what this special someone achieved.More to the point. Somebody here mentioned Jim Mcmillan of the Mopai Lineage was very very sick. Do you think Dr Jiang could heal Jim free of charge. It would do wonders for his publicity by healing a high level student of John Changs.Regards,
  4. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Well im not afraid to say it. But im calling BULLSHIT on this Shifu Lin guy and his so called lineage. Videos exist of John Chang. However Nothing, Not 1 single thing exists on Shifu Lin. No videos Nothing !!! Naziri You keep saying ask Jim , ask Jim, .. But in reality Jim has never even met Shifu Lin so therefore cannot verify 100% if he exists. Can he. For all we know it could be Naziri sending those Messages posing as Shifu Lin. Why also would Shifu Lin use Jims photos in the book and not his own or students instead Cheers,
  5. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    And what lineage exactly is this Shifu Lin From, And who was his Master, Grandmaster etc ?Why cant Shifu Lin or somebody Heal Jim Mcmillan ?
  6. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    Naziris youtube channel All videos have been recorded for future ref.
  7. Why dont we go over to another forum where our posts wont be deleted or locked. Lets settle this once and for all. I have it on good authority The Great Master Lucas Huang will be appearing to answer the many questions of hopeful students. No charge ! So Mpg, Elijiah, Uriah , I ask you to accept the invitation to Cheers, Kenny Wang
  8. strong energy cultivation

    Two hours zhanh zhuang seems to be the very minimum for most powerful schools. When i hear people talk about 10 and 20 minutes i just shake my head in amazement, how on earth do these people ever hope to progress training so weakly. The master will also say...If you drop your hands you break the energy and have to start over from scratch. Thats why most people give up becos its simply too hard and feels like your going insane slowly lol. When your traning at this level , for these amounts of time, you really do become disconnected with the world and other human beings, you become very numb to everything and start losing your natural feelings etc. There was a well known master who told me if you do zhan zhuang for 17 or 18 hours nonstop (i forget the exact time) then your entire spiritual being and internal energy system will be transformed. You will only ever get back what you put in. Most people today could never train that way, but some do it everyday.
  9. Hello Taobums

    Hello taobums whats going on out there