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  1. Pain in prostate from stagnation?

    Hi All, I've been immersed in Taoist practices for about a half dozen years now. They've been a large focus of my life. And before that many, many years of other practices. I'm feeling stuckness in my prostate now. I'm 49 years old. ** I'm interested in messaging a couple/few guys who have experience with retention, who have good understanding of the practices (MCO, Fusion FE, etc.), have a clear view of costs and benefits of different ways of working with semen retention and clearing the prostate. There are so many people and so much content on here. I'd love to talk to people who are really good this and look calmly and objectively at ways to proceed. (I realize there are posts on this, but my preference is talk with a few people who are objective, open, and experienced.) I'm often retaining as I find that very powerful. I was on retreat last year and a lot of that was in retention as that was more powerful for me. I had a girlfriend before that and was not in retention as much. Both are fine, just different choices for different reasons. Before I could clear my prostate with ejaculation and MCO and my other practices. Now it's not clearing. I have to pee a LOT. I'm blessed to have a wonderful mentor for the Toaist practices however she's a she. She's learned from gifted people and read a lot but teaches from her own experiences. He suggestions about retention, etc. haven't been helpful while her suggestions about other aspects of the practices are spot on. But again I need to clear my prostate and learn about long term costs of retention from a very experienced practioner. I'd also like to learn about if there are other things I need to do if I'm retaining, celibacy, etc.
  2. 100 days, retention, and yijinjing

    Are you bringing the energy around the lessor heavenly circuit? I find that crucial when I'm doing the 100 days retention. It illiviates the horiness and irritablity and turns it to groundedness and energy. And did you say you were able to have sex without releasing jing during the 100 days? I'm impressed. Can you say more about that?
  3. Hi Group

    Hi Group, I just found your site. I've been interested in meditation and mind-body practices for a couple of decades. I've been heavily immersed in Taoist practices for over a year, fusion 5 elements, microcosmic orbit, swimming dragon, healing sounds, tummo breathing (Tibetan I think). I have a wonderful female instructor and feel very fortunate. I've been having very, very powerful experiences but feel stuck in a couple areas. My instructor teaches from her own expereince with the practices which I love, but I'd like some feedback from male practitioners. I did the 100 day semean retention and it's incredible. I'm looking to find from serious practioners how they decide when or if ever to release, and I'm interested in the "Entering the Yellow Stream" practice from hsi lai's book, as I've worked through many of the other practices. Best e