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  1. Magus of Strovolos

    Thanks. I have been wanting to read this book.
  2. A person must first fill their dantian up. Then learn microcosmic orbit and iron shirt. This process takes time... years of meditation and focusing. So I think his books are incomplete.
  3. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Sorry for the bad English but I haven't slept for a while and it's not my native language.
  4. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    Hello everyone, I am a student of Shifu Lin. I can attest to the fact that his teachings are real. When practicing Mo Pai, you will encounter health problems. It is guaranteed. I consider myself a world class athlete and have competed at a high level in judo and two other martial arts and follow a very strict diet. When I started Mo Pai, I developed a serious health issue. It seems that this type of Nei Kung will exasperate underlying health issues you might never develop if you lead a normal healthy lifestyle. Shifu prescribed 2 herbs and a visualization exercise. The problem disappeared in one week. I still have to take the herbs for as long as I practice Mo Pai. All Shifu wants is for us to listen to him and follow his instructions in order to stay healthy. I read some of the comments made about Micah on a couple other posts on this forum. Micah is an advanced student of Shifu. One of Mr. Mcmillan's student posted that since Micah is a student, teaches Kung Fu, has kids... cannot claim all the skills he has on his resume. Micah was also ridiculed for practicing genital chi kung. Any serious practitioner of nei kung knows that this type of training will greatly supplement one's health and training. The fact is that Micah is the real deal and he is in great shape. I have many similarities with Micah and I think that is why our paths have crossed in life. I am also working on a doctoral dissertation, work full time at nights, train very hard in judo, kung fu and Mo Pai and live on 4 hours of sleep per day. My students know that I am not a fake. I have 3 national titles in 3 different sports to prove it. I vouch for Micah. Regarding Mr. Mcmillan, I have read his book and I am rooting for him to regain his health and be whole again. I was moved by his sincerity and even if I am not religious, I pray for the will of heaven to smile on him. That doesn't mean that I agree with his religious beliefs. Shifu Lin has never spoken ill of Jim to me. In one of his booklets he mentioned in a question and answer form some of the small mistakes made by Jim ( one can deplete one's already accumulated chi, full lotus is better than half even with the correct Mo Pai mudras and that ancestor spirit is not a demon and should not be referred to again as such. I don't know why one would be interested in Mo Pai and thinks the grand teacher is a demon. There are other very powerful nei kung teachers out there who are very accessible for a fee. I hope this helps. I also sincerely pray that Mr. Mcmillan fully heals and finds peace and happiness. He has accomplished something great introduced Mo Pai to many students and he gets my respect for that.
  5. hello, I am a newcomer

    Hello John23
  6. Hello from new member

  7. Morning Ritual?

    Hello, I go to the gym and upon return to the house I do seating meditation for about 30 minutes. Then it's breakfast time.
  8. Hello and thanks

    Hello Dr. DJ and Silent Thunder, I am also new and have learned much from this forum.
  9. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, This is my first post on the Tao Bums.