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  1. looking for some help<<<please

    Thank you for your response Grandmaster.. I understand your point of view.. that it is best to proceed with the help of a "qualified" medical practitioner.. I currently dont have a doctor and dont plan on having one.. In my experience i have only encountered fearful, dogmatic individuals that disguise themselves as psychiatrists and psychologists that use medicaion and western medicine as their tools.. i dont believe in or prescribe to these ideas.. so it would seem flawed to me to approach someone, with the Kunlun book in hand, and expect them to come close to understanding how best to proceed with ideas that are alien to them. ive reached the point of needing to reach qualified individuals who undestand what Max means by saying that people who have been diagnosed with bipolar need grounding in the outside world.. and that they can only start with the five elements and one breath..
  2. looking for some help<<<please

    hi there everyone.. my name is Darius and im new to this group.. ive noticed that there have been some discussions regarding the Kunlun system by Max Christensen and needed to ask a few questions related to something i found out recently.. in Max's do's and dont's he explicitly mentions that people that are bipolar should not attempt to do Red dragon and Kunlun and perhaps only try the One-breath and Five elements.. his reason for this is that bipolar people need "grounding first in the outer world".. What does this grounding in the outer world mean exactly? I was diagnosed at a young age.. have not taken medications for quite a few years and feel relatively healthy.. what if i was misdiagnosed? Should i use the one breath and five elements to "ground" myself in the outer world and then begin the rest of Kunlun? And how would i then know that i was ready to officially begin? Any advice would be welcome.. especially from people experienced with Kunlun or know anyone with bipolar that overcame this supposed chemical imbalance to lead a normal, spiritual life.. I refuse to believe that i need to be medicated for the rest of my life.