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  1. Astral Projection?

    Recently I have found an interest in the idea of astral projecting/out-of-body experience. But it does make me wonder, is it achieving a "visit" to the celestial plane? Is our spirits actually leaving our body or is it all a different state of consciousness and in our heads? I believe in a celestial plane and the idea that we can travel outside our body for a set period of time truly intrigues me. What are your thoughts on astral projection, and if you have tried, what were your experiences like?
  2. Am I a Taoist or a Zen Buddhist?

    Many great replies here, thanks! I grew up in an old-world Italian home with catholic values and I detest Western religion. I have claimed myself atheist at the age of 11 but after my visit to China and visiting the giant Buddha in Leshan, it really opened my eyes to Eastern beliefs. My girlfriend reckons we are Taoists, and I just felt weird 'cherry-picking' beliefs. I do not believe in reincarnation, however I do not deny that it is a possibility. It just felt wrong choosing what I believed in and denying a big part of Buddhism. Apech, it seems like Yin-Yin relationships (which is what I am in) are more stablized and seems as if the Yang relationships have more.... "issues" for a lack of better word as far as the Tao is considered. I suppose that gives me a relief, much better than being thrown BS by Western religions haha. Also Flolf, that I am! Arctic Wolf~ I'll send ya a PM! Back on topic, I suppose I have much more to learn.
  3. Hey guys! Lately, I've been struggling about what my belief falls under. I have made a post in my introduction to this site that stated this question, and I will quote it below: I've been looking things up and it is pretty confusing. I also associate myself with atheist pages on facebook and they do say I can be a Buddhist Atheist but not a Taoist Atheist because apparently Taoists look up/worship deities? Also while I'm at it, I do have a question regarding homosexuality. What is the general view of homosexuality to Taoists? I will struggling following a belief that condemns love. I know Buddhism is rather alright with it albeit there is no firm statement about it. Thanks in advance!
  4. We are more Reptilian than Animal

    I am all for medical research and experimental medicine administered and supervisied by a physician. But this guy.... this guy is approaching it wrong.
  5. 你好! Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Britt and I am 17 years old. I have just very recently made a switch from Buddhism to Taoism, after following Buddhism this August. I am still struggling a bit to finalize if I am a Taoist or a Zen Buddhist but hopefully I'd figure that out! I identify as a Taoist Atheist since I do not believe in any god or gods, as nothing is omnipotent. I believe in some sort of celestial plane, but not quite an 'afterlife' so I am painfully searching where I fall in terms of beliefs. I hope I can become involved in this community and find myself here. Also I do have a question that must be answered rather clearly, what are Taoists' view on homosexuality? I do not want to be apart of a belief that oppresses love >< Thanks in advance!