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  1. Max vs Sifu Lum (Rare Old Footage)

    The officials told me I wasn't supposed to know about that room and I would get tiger palmed and super dragon fisted if I didn't keep secrets. They conspired to make me look crazy and the type to make up stories, so it remains a mystery
  2. Max vs Sifu Lum (Rare Old Footage)

    If you take a look at the video provided, the duel was about equal. Both have their myths and stories behind them, but when put to the test I think the results would be surprising.
  3. So I spent almost a decade working at the local China Town when my boss Xiao Wen, had new import packages from China, El Salvador and Eastern Europe. I've become very familiar with this place until he gave me a very heavy key with a spiraling dragon pattern at the end with this strange smell of maple and temple ash, it was a key to store extra packages because the rooms have overstocked. I had to walk almost 50 floors deep from ground level downstairs into this old room. It became very dark as no one had installed electricity and dripping wet from lack of insulation. The door was very strange it has tiger and a phoenix with red ruby eyes and seemed to be encrusted with golden amulets pigmented in repetitious geometric design. As I placed the heavy key in the door it opened, I could feel this strong current from compressed air as the door had opened, it seemed nearly like the faint echos of ghosts reverberating the atmosphere or -- was it just my imagination? Anyway.. it was a very strange and dark room and I needed a high powered maglight to see everything, as I recall. My first thought was "Why do Chinese people build these strange hidden places? What investment and business leverage does this have?" So I saw thick old books, each nearly 5 inches in width, thousands of them all piled up, beautiful jaded swords that must have been worth a fortune, old coins that have been dated since the time of Lao Tzu. Out of that I saw a Super8 camera, still well preserved, I recognized it because I had been a film student in the past. This was the first thing I would take back with me from this place because I knew how to analyze the film and convert it to digital. After I placed it in my backpack there was this buddha/warrior type statue that looked like a samurai and within it was a mirror containment and within that mirror was a cube with some unknown mathematical codex with Chinese writing, the writing said if you solved the cube a doorway to the emperors palace will open. So I began to solve it but couldn't figure it out as it needs time and inspection, upon placing it back the floor began to rumble, the ceilings started cracking and it felt like I was in the midst of an earthquake. The whole place crumbled into dust as I ran out with the Super8 camera and film. I worked anxiously to encode it to digital so here it is, old footage of max and sifu lum doing some kind of wizardry duel. My story is like totally believable, seriously.
  4. New Person

    Hi, just another guy interested in Taoism. Would love to contribute to the community.