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  1. Sinfest vs The World

    anyone can stay as a farm animal energetic food slave in samsara as long as no one interfere with my Ascension into Godhood and my escape from samsara and cycle of rebirth and death.. anyone who try to stop me from my own personal break for freedom from samsara and cycle of rebirth and death will know horrors beyond their vilest imaginations.. for i will put the heaviest curse on not only that fool's family but his entire lineage of ancestors and descendants so that they will always suffer like pigs on a farm.. thaumiel golachab thaumiel golachab thaumiel golachab
  2. Malaysia do not have these concepts of purity and honour which the Japanese possess. If anything, Japan has a even more varied cultural mix than Malaysia despite the fact that it doesn't have such a diverse racial mix like Malaysia. This is because Japan, despite its closeness, have never fail to integrate elements of other cultures which are worth keeping. If you explore spirituality in Japan, you would find the origins of its spirituality come from many different sources in other countries.
  3. On the contrary this is a good thing. You need shame in order to change and evolve. If you are not shameful of your sins, then you would never change and evolve and how is that a good thing?
  4. In order to change and evolve the world, one must change and evolve one country first. If a country of Enlightened Wizards/Mages/Shamans can be created where every man, woman and child is taught the ways of Enlightenment since birth, then this country can change and evolve the whole world by providing an example of a system when the young are constantly taught Enlightenment instead of all the bullshit you find in universities nowadays. I suspect the only country in the world which can become a country of Enlightened Wizards/Mages/Shamans is Japan. Why do I say Japan? Because Japan has one of the longest, most prevalent spiritual heritage around in the world. There are so many temples in Japan which show the level of faith which the Japanese have. It also show that there is a much higher number of meditators than anywhere else in the world. Japan has also this tradition of purity. Of cleansing your soul, mind and spirit in your everyday life. Purity and Virtues are extremely important attributes for a seeker. There is no other country in the world which stress so much importance on purity and cleanliness as Japan. Lastly, I find Japanese women to be purer in spirit and mind than other women in the world. Not saying all Japanese women are saints but it is just that they are cleaner and purer. Shinto, the Japanese state religion, has this tradition of hiring virgin Japanese girls as Mikos or temple helpers. Most women in the west are automatically taught by the western media to embrace sex as a "cool" thing. They are taught that if you are not sexy to men, then you are uncool and unworthy as a woman. However this deviant school of thought is what defiles most women in the west. Chinese women are out because they are too greedy for money. And I am talking about Chinese women of every country-HK, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia. Korean women eat too much meat. Indian/Thai/SEA women have no tradition of purity at all. Have you ever been to India/Thailand and SEA? There is simply no tradition of keeping everything clean. Women represent half of any country's population. Also they are the teachers of the next generation of young. If the women of a particular country are screwed up, then you can be rest assured that the next generation will also be screwed up. Lastly, the Japanese flag is the flag of the Sun. There is only one country in the world whose national flag is the flag of the Sun and we all know that the Sun is the most powerful, mystical being in our solar system. Based on all the above arguments, if any country has the best chance of becoming a country of enlightened wizards/mages/shamans, it would be Japan.
  5. Korea and US are some of the highest red meat consumers in the world. Go to any Korean restaurant and you will find lots of red meat dishes on the menu. Korean Beef BBQ are a fad not only in Korea but in chinatowns all over the world. Go to any US eateries especially eateries in the rural areas where the small towns are and you will find lots of red meat dishes on the menus as well. Steaks, pork chops, bacon, ribs, hamburgers, meatloafs.. almost everything in the typical US small town eatery have meat in them. Is it any wonder why two of the highest red-meat consuming countries in the world are at the greatest risk of war? South Korea has been at war with North Korea for over 50 years now. The US had started and finished various wars over the past few decades. The Karma of War starts with the killing and consumption of animals especially red-meat animals like cows. I don't think that I will ever have sex with a Korean or American woman in this life-time. The negative karma from eating red meat is too great in the Koreans' and Americans' karma and I do not want to get myself dragged into hell just by even talking with a Korean or American woman.
  6. There is a difference between murderers/rapists who kill and rape because they want to fulfill their greedy selfish desires and holy angels who kill such demonic murderers/rapists to prevent the further corruption of sin. You are not worthy of being a true Counsellor.
  7. A being like that has amazing compassion and even greater wisdom. Why would such a woman want to be with me? Because I am far more evolved than 99.9999999% of the humans out there in the world.
  8. I see.. so are you saying all Buddhas who want to leave Samsara and break the cycle of rebirth and death are selfish cowards? Are you calling The Buddha a selfish coward for leaving his wife and kids? This is the most demonic statement I have ever come across in my life. I suggest you say that to any monk and see him shake his head in bitter how far humanity has devolved.
  9. The most courageous thing which man can accomplish is to .. 1) understand that there is no hope left for this world and humanity. 2) understand that this world and humanity is completely corrupt. 3) take any and all possible means to evolve yourself to such a stage that you will be able to cut off all your karmic connections with humanity forever and especially to cut off all your karmic connections with your loved ones. If you are able to cut off all your karmic connections with your loved ones and family because you want to evolve and transform yourself into a God and leave humanity and this world immediately, this is the bravest, coolest thing which any man can accomplish.
  10. The only person whom I can accept is a 5th and higher dimensional female who knows how to turn her body into a rainbow body of light in an instant and who knows how to break samsara and cycle of rebirth and death immediately and such a enlightened female must be willing to teach me all she know without any conditions whatsoever.
  11. You know seriously I studied the Shurangama Sutra and it says that in the dharma ending age, demons and devils of all sorts would come out of the woodwork and profess that the way of enlightenment is love, love, love. Let me ask you then, would you love a mass-murderer who rapes little children and kill people for drug money? I wouldn't. The way of staying in seclusion in the mountains away from humanity is not "escape". It is called "evolution". It is understanding that the whole of humanity in all countries everywhere is totally corrupt and you want nothing more than to evolve yourself to get away from all the corruption that humanity is made of. Every human in this world is corrupt to some degree or another simply because we live in a animalistic society. And if you dare to compare filthy corrupt humans to Multi-Dimensional Gods then I say you better watch your step in rainy weather cos you have just made a very sacrilegious statement.
  12. But relationships are supposed to bring you pain, not happiness. If you do not experience pain, then how is your soul gonna get the motivation to want to evolve out of a material existence? If everybody is living the life of paradise on planet earth, who would want to leave planet earth for higher dimensions?
  13. What is wrong with repulsion? Repulsion is the very thing that sets apart the good from the bad. If you are not repulsed by anything at all in life, you might as well eat feces from a toilet bowl and call it the best meal you have ever eaten. There is a limit to love for love can only be governed by and used with wisdom. Would you love a slut who sleeps around? I personally find sluts who sleep around to be nothing more than disgusting public urinals.
  14. Rubbish! How do you look deeper than a person's personality when the person's personality is the core of she/he is?