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  1. I have not started this thread to argue or attack any belief systems, I'm genuinely seeking answers to this topic. I've encountered a huge stumbling block in my practices, that is the belief in the possibility that the Fundamentalist Christian worldview is correct after all and these esoteric practices will lead to eternal damnation. Here are a few reasons why I've considered this: 1. The tens of thousands of ex new agers/Occultist who've claimed to end intense negative spiritual experiences (Alien abductions as well) by crying out to jesus name. 2. Most NDE experiences seem to result in people becoming christians rather than any other faith around. 3. Entities during DMT/Acid/LSD trips have been claimed numerous times to get hostile and angry when you ask them if jesus is lord. 4. supposed esp abilities disappearing after exorcisms. 5. The secular media's crackdown on abrahamic religions in preference to more secular new age hippe love paradigms. there's a few more, But I'd like to start with these. This is the pink elephant in the room and i think it should definitely be addressed.
  2. Donnie Yen arts

    Yes, I attended taekwondo for 2 years. Not once did we ever do anything beyond light contact point sparring with pads on. To be fair, There bjj practice on Tuesdays....but still. I remember a when I was younger I would be easily impressed by a simple little tornado kick but then I began to realize that unless you've been training like a shaolin monk (To apply it to a fight) for years and years then trying that in the middle of a fight is going to get you killed. I believe 720 kicks and katas have their place in fight conditioning but only when you're actually trained to use those in a fight rather than just show off.
  3. This sensation almost never appears before I need to use the bathroom.
  4. What is the secret of being ultra smart ?

    iphone apps help
  5. Can someone explain this to me? http://cassiejourney.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/buddhism-taoism-and-satanism/
  6. I've always dreamed of having an extremely logical and rational perspective towards life, As well, As lifestyle. It just seems so secure. Follow orders, Get a nice house, etc. As plain as it seems, It calls me.
  7. I'm making Kinesis Subliminal videos, Please watch!

  8. Turning into a tree - need advice

    Try Visualization/Subliminal Messaging/Biokinesis
  9. I'm making Kinesis Subliminal videos, Please watch!

  10. I'm making Kinesis Subliminal videos, Please watch!

  11. I'm making Kinesis Subliminal videos, Please watch!

  12. Sexual energy feels too "heavy" to lift

    Will this help me have full body orgasms and clear my microcosmic orbit?
  13. I think the main problem I've been having in sexual qiqong is my inability to get a feel for the energy. All I really feel is what I would describe as a dense and heavy sensation in my pelvice area. I've been researching this stuff for a year but this is the aspect I've had most trouble with.