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  1. Help the New Guy

    Sam Hamill Tao te Ching, Yang Tai Chi For Beginners for tai chi. THanks alote guys. not all i need is a good reference for a beginners yoga dvd. I know i need in person classes but im BAF.
  2. Help the New Guy

    I am as green as it gets, and i have three quick questions. 1- I am looking on Amazon for Tao Te Ching and there are abunch of different ones. which one is the best/closest to the original/realest "version" . I am young, but old fashioned. No Downloads or EBooks for me. I need a real book. 2- doing yoga on P90X and cant get past the first 25 min. not flexibi at all!! cant even sit indian style. good beginners yoga?? again looked on Amazon and there where abunch. 3. never done a single step of tai chi havent even seen it in person. dont know which style to do or anything. beginners DVD for tai chi?? again looked on amazon hundreds, which one? would like to spend no more then $60 total on these things, but am willing to spend more if i absolutely have to. THANK YOU. please respond. and thanks again.
  3. VERY NEW and need alote of help

    If you dont want to waste your time i wont be offended. I have been trying to study the tao for awhile now. but there are no churches. I dont know if there is a "bible" of tao. but how/ where can i get if it exist. or what are the best books for a person that knows nothing of tao. any good videos online or anything. I am so clueless i dont know where to start. i just need someone to point me in the right direction, and then i can take it from them. but its all overwhelming and intimidating. sorry to bother. hope u respond. Reply Report