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  1. new to the path of Tao

    well i seek the ways of the tao to further my understanding of how best to cultivate the jing, the chi, and the shen. i believe that i have lived a dull inner life without this understanding. i'm not looking for happiness; i seek my true self. and maybe to hold on to my youth for as long as possible
  2. new to the path of Tao

    hi all- i have only just been reading these forums for a few weeks. i am finding a lot of new information, while some other aspects of this practice/study closely seem to relate to those of my study of yoga. i have been studying Iyengar yoga for a few years. i feel that has been an extraordinary pursuit, one that has changed me for the better in many ways. i have become more in tune with myself, my posture has strengthened, as has my own emotional balance. i plan to continue this practice for the rest of my life. my interest here is in finding ways to also integrate the study of Tao. i was totally unaware of the benefits of using one's sexual energy to aid in all aspects of personal development until recently. i had a basic knowledge that sexual drive was energy, but to use it in a way other than simply to achieve arousal/orgasm is new to me. i must relate to you all something that happened only today. i have been practicing, in conjunction with my asana practice, what i now understand to be the MCO. and i am starting to get a feel for how that works, drawing energy up your chakras/spine. i have also been steadily increasing my rate of conservation over the past few months. this has been a challenge, but i do feel the difference in my physical and mental energy. well, today i had a calm practice. after that practice, i began to feel an intense surge of arousal, relating to interacting with a woman. after this had occurred, I had a shower. the state of arousal continued, and i admit the urge to stimulate myself was intense. there was no fantasy involved. it was in the moment, using the breath to guide the intensity of the sensation upward. and then i experienced what felt like an orgasm, only without an actual release. i didn't actually try to prevent a release, it just didn't get to that point. so.. what happened? what did I actually do? anyways, i will continue reading here. i thought maybe a slightly sensational story was a good way to introduce myself.