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  1. Is AYP really that bad?

    roger: Thank you for sharing your experience. It sounds like TM really connected for you. From my experience with the mantra, I definitely felt some effects. My only skepticism is that I would be feeling an effect from any type of concentration meditation, and there is nothing special about saying a mantra. There are varying opinions on this, and the only way I can really know is to experiment. And then an issue is there's so many other methods out there, and I only have a limited amount of time so I can't try them all since it takes time to settle into a practice to see if it really works for me or not. I feel very restless, constantly worrying if I have the method that suits me the best. What if I wasted all that time on one method, when I could have been spending time with another method that I would have resonated much more with? I guess that's where faith comes in. At this rate I will be jumping between practices for the rest of my life, never spending enough time to get deep enough. And that's the worst possible outcome, the most illogical thing I could do.. Thank you for the detailed post, Steve. I see some logic in how you view the chakras. Of course, there is always doubt. Such as, why hasn't there been measurable evidence of the heart, or the stomach, or the sexual organ's roles in our emotions? But maybe there has been. I don't know. It doesn't matter, I don't fully trust scientific studies either after reading so many reports of all the flawed studies out there. Like you said, the experience is what matters. I like the 5 warrior syllables because honestly they sound kind of fun. I've never done a practice that is based around chanting or humming before. I'm not an articulate person so it's kind of nice to work out my vocal cords. I will take your advice to ease into it and see how it feels after a while.
  2. Is AYP really that bad?

    Thank you for all the responses. I feel like I have this constant urge to bounce between practices. The grass is always greener syndrome. No doubt this is a symptom that I need to address through meditation and daily conduct. But... when I think about this logically, perhaps these paths are not for me. Perhaps, because of my skeptical mind, the only meditation I can do is breath meditation. The only issue with that is ... well, chakras and lights and gurus and internal channels and shamanistic goddesses sounds so much funner. But due to how I have been raised, my faith is lacking. Steve: I have also taken a skim of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoches's dream yoga book, if that is the dream yoga book you are referring to. I found the explanation of the relation of dreams to waking life to be quite fascinating, but I did not do the exercises because I decided to do the western approach of lucid dreaming instead. Right now I am just keeping a dream journal and doing reality checks throughout the day, but still no luck with lucid dreaming. I'd love if you could describe how your process with the dream yoga techniques went. The warrior seed syllables are enticing to me, but I am constantly wondering how they really work. I have still felt no concrete evidence that I have chakras, so there is constant doubt about the practice. Obviously this will hinder the practice, and I don't do this intentionally, but in my subconscious there is doubt. I am wondering if you have a more secular explanation for the benefit of this practice that might ease my mind a bit?
  3. I recently came across this book by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche about using the 5 seed syllables as a way to clear our 5 chakras. I took a read through the book, as well as the practices at the end which has pranayama-like exercises with visualization to further clear obstructions to the chakra. I thought the practice looked like something that could really benefit me, but I am discouraged because it appears to have a steep learning curve. I would have to visualize images and lights in addition to singing the syllables in addition to fixing my attention to a chakra. And that is not counting the pranayama exercises where I have to visualize the 3 main channels as I inhale and exhale air into them! That is the part that kind of scared me off a bit. I thought back about how I used to practice AYP and how it was great because it has such simple methods that build upon each other. But I also got a bit scared off after reading through all the posts on this forum about how awful AYP apparently is. What I am looking for is just a supplementary chakra practice to supplement my mindfulness and concentration meditation. I am just wondering which techniques you guys would pick or recommend? I tried qigong too but, again, learning the movements felt too complicated. So for the reason that I place a greater value on a practice that has an easier learning curve in addition to being powerful, I am really leaning towards AYP. I guess I just want to ask, then, is AYP really that bad?
  4. Well, I might go see a hole in the wall place where the acupuncturist is an older asian lady who doesn't have very good english. She does not have any marketing at all though, but her yelp page has 46 reviews with a 5 stars rating average. Pictures of her place shows a very cramped room stacked up with boxes of raw herbs. Reviews of her raves about how kind hearted she is and how she genuinely cares about her work. Her price is also very low compared to other acupuncturist. I don't know how much that translates into how much skill she has in terms of acupuncture, but I guess I'm just taking a chance since the price is so low and I'll see how it goes. I don't know. Has anyone taken a chance on a place like this and gotten a fantastic acupuncturist?
  5. In my practices and daily life, I am suffering from muscle tension that is somewhat uncomfortable in the same spot on the right side of my chest. I don't know if this is some kind of qi blockage or just muscle memory habit. I want to try an acupuncturist, and I'm wondering if you guys know how I would approach finding a good practitioner? I am just using google and yelp to search through acupuncturists near my area, and it's quite difficult to tell who is legit and who isn't just by random people's reviews. I am in the bay area(east bay to be exact) by the way, so there are plenty of acupuncturists especially in the san francisco and oakland area. But I've always had this gut feeling, not sure how valid it is, that there are a bunch of people in this field who aren't particularly skilled, yet still are able to receive many positive feedbacks due to the power of the placebo effect. How can I find someone truly good? If anyone has a recommendation, I would appreciate it greatly.
  6. Semen Retention: 100 Days and My Experiences

    I ejaculated 3 times within 110 days, and I currently am on a 35 day streak of no ejaculation. I still have sex regularly with my girlfriend. Honestly the most noticable difference is I've curbed an addiction. I no longer deeply crave orgasms and sex, though I still feel attraction to women. Should there be more changes in the future? Or is this it?
  7. So it has been 42 days, and I have been hooking up with this one girl I met a couple weeks ago. Actually, this is probably my first actual relationship.. I've never had a girl so attracted to me and treat me so lovingly. But we are having sex, and I am not cumming during sex because I don't want to lose my semen retention "streak". I am just wondering if full body orgasms will ever come into play if I keep this up? Just by having sex with her and making sure I don't ejaculate?
  8. One thing to note is I acquired a girl who seems to be infatuated with me... i'm normally not too good with women, and you could say this is my first "girlfriend".. though im not looking for commitment at the moment.. We had sex a couple times but I didn't ejaculate and she was always the one pursuing the penetration. It doesn't really feel related to retention.. it just feels like a coincidence, but maybe I'm wrong and retention had a big role in her attraction to me. But retention definitely does nothing for me when it comes to motivating me to practice.. I really have to force myself to build that habit and it's a continual struggle. I'm not planning on ending my retention just yet, and I hope I can muster up the discipline to continue a practice but it's very difficult.
  9. It has been 36 days now, and my libido feels very reduced. My mood baseline feels a bit higher, but I don't see any other benefits. I'm not particularly more motivated or energetic, or even more disciplined / strong willed. Not much more desire to pursue spiritual goals either... I have not been keeping up a regular meditation practice lately. So yes. Maybe it's true that ejaculation doesn't actually deplete our qi or chakra. However it does feel good to loosen up my cravings for sex, masturbation, and orgasms. Perhaps there's still hope, and with further retention, things will start to turn around?
  10. Yes, I like who I've become and I am really not missing out on much from retaining. I like that I am more free from the desire of sex and orgasms and I no longer view pornography. That is a big change. So I thought if one big change is possible just from retention(without any other practices, really), perhaps another big change of getting rid of my lifelong addiction to technology and my ADHD mind is also possible, but it has yet to happen.
  11. If the energy is in my head, isn't that a good thing though? Because retention energy starts at the genitals, and my goal is to circulate it through my head, right? Perhaps it's not correct to say that the energy is stuck in my head, only that my addictions are strong and energy is still stuck in my base?
  12. yes... very very addicted to technology and internet. i can't stop just surfing and browsing almost obsessively every time i have nothing to do. it is like heroin to me. ill try my best. There is no solution to this except discipline. I am doing mindfulness meditation, first of the body, then narrowing down the attention to the breath when I am able to.
  13. Do you really believe that 12 years of celibacy leads to siddhus, though? I don't buy it at all. Otherwise, all monks and priests (who kept to their practices) will have siddhus. As for what I was expecting: i was expecting, at the very least, much higher concentration and focus during meditations. I still have an ADD mind that has a hard time staying quiet.
  14. I see.. truthfully I haven't been doing a good job of keeping my mind quiet. I am constantly daydreaming and worrying, and indulging in other vices and seeking other pleasures. I suppose those actions will hinder the acquisition of the "powers" from semen retention?
  15. When I read the many threads on this forum about semen retention's benefits, I knew that I wanted to experience them too. The alleged benefits are increased concentration, focus, confidence, charisma, and sexual attractiveness. It has been 3 weeks since I have retained. If I am experiencing those benefits, it is on a very subtle level that could easily be placebo. I definitely feel less "depleted", more social(I desire conversations and human company more), but no increased concentration or motivation and not really any increased charisma or sexual attractiveness aside from the side-effects of wanting to be more social. When I first started practicing, my understanding was that sexual energy is a powerful lifeforce that, when retained, will give the practitioner tangible benefits. While the benefits I have received have been quite useful, I can't help but want something more overt and obvious. Where can I go from here? At 3 weeks, not ejaculating is honestly pretty easy now. Lust is my ally, and I don't mind feeling horny anymore. I have no problem continuing this practice, as it is not a struggle for me to do so. I am, of course, supplementing the semen retention practice with a meditation practice. I am only willing to do buddhist mindfulness meditations. I like simplicity and I don't like complex visualizations. So do I continue, with the hopes that eventually, the powers will come to me?