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  1. Semen Retention & Leakage?

    The teachings I have received regarding semen retention are limited to, draw the energy back into the balls then up the spine into the brain, once Kundalini is active now up and out through the crown chakra. Sometimes I loop it back down the front of me, or up out of the crown into my partner. It's great. Even for somebody not doing semen retention, this makes you last almost infinitely long during sex. It's always a practice of "how much pleasure can you stand". When it gets to be too much, and I lose focus on bringing the energy up, boom. But I'm young, so I'm ready again soon after. Anyway, my problem is that, when I don't ejaculate, be it from sex or heavy kissing/petting, soon after the sesson, I will pee, and after finishing peeing, get the feeling like there is some more pee, but instead, semen drips out. I don't masturbate or watch porn, haven't in probably a year or so (I can't even remember when I stopped, it's been a while) What do I need to be doing differently/instead/in addition to what I am already doing?
  2. Aloha

    Play some Ukulele music, I'm not Hawaiian but find that it's a good way to say HI on a forum. Plus it sends me good energy. So, I am interested in everything spiritual, and have a bit of experience with Tibettan, Thai, and Japanese Buddhism. With no particular affiliation or ordination, my current path involves finding what there is. My current biggest spiritual lesson is learning to be my own teacher. I teach, but I don't really care about what I have to say. My preferred form of meditation is walking meditation. Now, I have some questions.