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  1. Genmaicha how dare you !!! They are probably far to busy to answer simple questions like that , you have to be really pushy with this lot. Honestly i think wang liping needs somebody else to promote his seminars and will be taking this matter up with him at the next one
  2. Well you cant complain about that, a very gracious offer on behalf of Master Jiang and Yourself.
  3. Hi Leandro , It would be nice to see some of Jiangs Students demonstrating some of these abilities. Do you have any other demonstration videos etc ? I remember the turtle & shirt burning demos on youtube, but they were quickly taken down. Was there any particular reason for this ? Could you please post something else new that we have not seen before. I dont doubt jiangs power. I read an article from a Malaysian Newspaper and how he healed the Sultans son or something like that. In a land already filled with mystical shamans and great martial artists, you dont get an endorsement like that for nothing. But seeing something new would be nice, Thanks very much
  4. Hi Leandro, Thanks for deciding to post this information about the seminar. Regardless of our opinions its nice to see a decent discussion going on here related to this topic. My concern is (according to whats on the net btw..) david verdesi and others have had the transfer, but to my knowledge they still cannot perform any external qi demonstrations, even after after 5 years of daily training. Many of these people such as david are also said to have extensive backgrounds in qigong to begin with and have trained with great masters like john chang. So i have my doubts about the average joe getting very far. Would you care to tell us about any student abilities or experiences. A question about the training. To your understanding is this a hard or soft style qigong/neigong. regards
  5. Hi Everybody !

    looks like a great forum