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  1. I have a question for those that have been working with the Greatest Kan and Li and beyond. I've mainly studied my the Taoist methods with Michael Winn. In the new way the Michael teaches tjis practice you are using the polarities of the Yang of the Earth with the Yin of the Sun holding Saturn as the higher octave of Earth in the cauldron. This occurs in the central channel at the middle dan tien. I have heard in the past that he used the Yang of the Moon and the Yin of the Sun. I have tried it both ways, and have had a bit more luck with the Yang of the Moon. In other traditions the higher octave of the Moon is the Great Goddess, and in my psyche this is better able to balance the strong inner yin of the sun than the yang of the Earth. After the greater kan and li I have built the earth up to be a more neutral central channel presence with yin, yang, and central stellar/yuan aspects. Has anyone had any experience with this, explanation for the change in the new way he teaches it, or any pointers. I appreciate it. I am trying to get ready for this summer by moving between the kan and li's that I have done to gain fluidity and grounding. Perhaps I will see some of you at the stellar retreat. Brian
  2. Introduction from Pema

    Hey everybody, I know some of you from retreats and from the healing dao forum. I have had training in the hindu and buddhist inner tantras as well as the kabalistic tradition. I have heard about the nonsecular nature of this forum, and that it is an excellent place to exchange methods, insights, and advice from a blend of the effective aspets of each tradition. I have studied with Micheal Winn up through the Greatest Kan and Li, and will appreciate other practitioners experiences of these practices or refinements of technique. I look forward to contributing as I am able and cultivating in the collective cauldron. Brian