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  1. Chakras and Qigong? A bad mix? Or not?

    Thank you for the good words, Craig. "Foreign" is an interesting word. That probably goes to the heart of why I dont feel Qigong and Chakras mix well. Is it a Buddhist/Daoist conflict that I sense? But, energetically, wouldn't focus on chakras tend to disperse whatever Qi you built up during a Qigong session? The question came up at a course recently and I was just wondering...
  2. Hi, My first post: Is it generally considered counterproductive, or even harmful, to concentrate on the chakras during Qigong practice? By Qigong I mean something basic like a variation of the Eight Pieces Brocade. During Qigong practice, shouldn't the focus remain on the Dantians and maybe the Qi meridians? Any experiences or opinioins much appreciated, thank you
  3. Another Hello

    Hi there :-) I'm not much of a biographer... I want to go ask a question now, ok? cyas