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  1. The Power of Long Hair + Beards

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  2. About Me!

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  3. Zen And Masturbation...The Struggle!

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  4. What Books are by Your Bed?

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  5. Taoist views on Buddhist way

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  6. Zen And Masturbation...The Struggle!

    well, i will look into this. i will let everyone know what i find. i am guessing it is just a hard for us too.
  7. Zen And Masturbation...The Struggle!

    I have been reading that a man can gain chi/energy without having sex or masturbating for weeks or months. It seems to be a nice energy that you guys tap into. is the same for a woman? does anyone know here? thank you.

    this is a interesting subject. it has always been something that i just didnt know where to start when it came to reading on the subject. thank you for your input.
  9. What Books are by Your Bed?

    autobiography of a yogi, the power of now, wayne dyer, and a book my friend gave me that i am not going to read. i love wayne dyer and the power of now was a nice read
  10. What are you reading right now?

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  11. Taoist views on Buddhist way

    okay, great! i will try this tonight and make sure my chest does not rise. thanks again. if you have any other suggestions please let me know.
  12. Taoist views on Buddhist way

    thank you, scotty what do you mean by keeping the heart still?
  13. Taoist views on Buddhist way

    my healer friend tells me that my lower chakra is blocked most of the time and my crown has some blockages. i have been seeing her once a month for the last year. is there any advice anyone would give to help all of my chakras open? i just do yoga as far as a energy practice but would try anything new. i am new to this but am slowly starting to undestand. thanks.
  14. hi :)

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  15. hi :)

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